Romeo and Juliet

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ROMEO AND JULIET By William Shakespeare



How to Read Romeo and Juliet • Read the stage directions and dialogue for setting clues and action clues • Read the side notes on the left • Read with dramatic feeling – perhaps even act out the play with a friend • Read at punctuation breaks, not line breaks



Romeo and Juliet: The Prologue • What is the purpose of the prologue? • What does “both alike in dignity” mean? • What is the conflict? • What does “star crossed lovers” mean? • What is going to happen to the lovers? The feud? • What plot elements are being used here? • How many lines does the prologue have? What is its rhyme scheme?



Romeo and Juliet: Act I Scene 1 •

What information can you gather about the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets by reading this scene? Support with evidence from the play. How do the wives react in this scene? The Prince enters – what does he say? First Impressions:

• • • • • •

Benvolio Tybalt Romeo

Find one allusion and one oxymoron.



Romeo and Juliet -- Act I Scene 2 • What are Paris and Capulet discussing? • What is Capulet’s recommendation to Paris. • Are your parents capable of picking a good match for you? • What does P & C’s discussion demonstrate about the power of men vs. the power of women in this time period? • What does Capulet send his servant out to do? What is the problem? How is it resolved? • Why does Romeo decide to attend the party? • What does Benvolio say will happen?



Romeo and Juliet -- Act I Scene 3 • What is going on in this scene? • Foil: a character whose personality or actions are in striking contrast to those of another character. By using a foil, a writer highlights the other character’s traits or mood. • In what ways are Lady Capulet and Nurse foils?



Romeo and Juliet -- Act I Scene 3 • Would Juliet be more likely to ask favors or share secrets with the nurse or with her mother? • At this point, what can you tell about Juliet’s personality? • What is Juliet’s reaction to her mother’s discussion?



Romeo and Juliet -- Act I Scene 4 • What is your first impression of Mercutio? What can you tell about him (think about his personality, his emotional and intellectual levels) • What does Mercutio say about dreams? • Do you see any foils in this scene?



Romeo and Juliet -- Act I Scene 4, cont’d • Puns and Allusions abound in this scene; how do they both operate to influence the narrative? For example, puns make us laugh but allusions lend gravity to one’s speech. • What do the puns mean? What is Mercutio discussing and what is he trying to do? • What allusions does Mercutio make? How do these allusions reflect the plot of the story?

• What does Mercutio say about dreams? • What does Romeo Fear? Are his fears justified?



Romeo and Juliet -- Act I.5 • Quick Summary: Mercutio and Montagues crash the Capulet Party, “Romiet,” and “Seeds of Doom” are planted. • Romeo the wallflower… how do these characters react to/interact with our hero? • Servants • (Tybalt/Capulet) • Juliet • Nurse



Romeo and Juliet -- Act I.5…cont’d Tybalt and Capulet Prince of Cats vs. “Caps” Choler vs. Patience Reaction to Romeo Tybalt and Romeo Soldier vs. Lover Strategy vs. Spontaneity Anger and Hatred vs. Love Sight


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