Sacagawea: The Woman of Peace

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, World History
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Sacagawea: The Woman of Peace Pooja Dayal Jordan Walker 7th period

Introduction 

 

Born on c. 1788 Lived with the Shoshone tribe Her life 

 

She was kidnapped by a war party of the Hidatsa Indians when she was twelve years old Assisted Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on the Lewis and Clark Expedition (also known as the Corps of Discovery)

Her name means “bird women” in Shoshone Most of her life remains a mystery Died December 20, 1812

Family 

Two Children 

Jean Baptiste Charbonneau  She had him at a very young age of 16  He was born during the expedition  Youngest person on the expedition Lizette Charbonneau

Husband 

Touissaint Charbonneau

Picture: Clark and Touissaint Charbonneau

The Lewis and Clark Expedition 

Goal    

Map as much territory of the Louisiana Purchase as possible Search for the Northwest Passage Make contact with Native Americans Record discovery of new plants and animals

Lewis and Clark would not have had a successful journey without Sacagawea!

Picture: Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark’s trip (in red)

Lewis and Clark Expedition (Continued) 

How they met 

Explorers made winter camp at Fort Mandan in present day North Dakota near Sacagawea’s tribe Lewis and Clark hired Sacagawea’s husband (Touissaint) and her as interpreters and guides.

Lewis and Clark Expedition (Continued) 

Her contribution to the expedition 

She recognized geography along the journey and explained it to Lewis and Clark She acted as a guide, translator, and peace symbol Her presence (a woman with an infant in her arms, along with a party of men) is a token of peace and stopped any Indians from fighting the explorers. 

Result- the Corps of Discovery did not face any battles on their journey

Lewis and Clark Expedition (Continued) 

Sacagawea saves history 

How? 

When the explorers were traveling on boats, one boat tipped over. Lewis and Clark lost all of their journals and many of their supplies. Sacagawea dove into the water and saved all the journals and supplies.

Lewis and Clark Expedition (Continued) 

Explorers noticed mountains 

August 17, 1805 

Picture: Sacagawea guiding Lewis and Clark

Realized they could no longer use boats and had to find horses Corps is in desperate need for away to cross the mountains The Corps approached a Shoshone village Sacagawea was able to communicate with them and trade for horses. Without Sacagawea, the expedition would not have been able to continue.

Her Legacy 

Sacagawea proved to be an surprising asset to the Corps of Discovery Today, Sacagawea is on our dollar coin. 

This is the government’s way of thanking her, and showing her importance to America.

Picture: Sacagawea on the United State’s dollar coin


Sacagawea’s Shoshone people

Statue of Sacagawea, Lewis, and Clark

Jean Baptiste Charbonneau’s grave site.

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