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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Abnormal Psychology
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Safeguarding and specific areas of the curriculum

Karen Summers PSHE & Citizenship Adviser [email protected]

Today’s seminar • How does (PSHE, Sex & Relationships Education) provide learning opps for pupils to develop knowledge, skills, understanding re safeguarding?

• How does the OFSTED framework enable school leaders to evaluate safeguarding within the curriculum?

PSHE : learning opps for Safeguarding

• Take responsibility – i.e. for needs of others –

• • • •

peer mentors, buddies, mediators Feel positive about themselves/others – opps to show what they can do/how much responsibility they can take Participate in schools decision making process Make real choices/decisions about their own learning environment Meet/talk to people who offer support to young people/families, i.e. community faith leaders, community police officers

PSHE : learning opps for Safeguarding

• Develop relationships through work/play with • • •

groups that have particular needs, children with SEN, elderly Consider personal, social & moral dilemmas that they come across – i.e. encouraging respect/understanding between different ethnic groups Use case studies, simulations, scenarios, drama to explore issues, have time to reflect Identify information & advice – i.e. Childline – help self/others

SRE : learning opps for Safeguarding

• Set boundaries, ground rules, working • • • •

agreement with pupils & remind at appropriate moments Clarify confidentiality/risk of significant harm Encourage taking of responsibility for what they share/group working – be clear about what they want to feedback Access to confidential services – age appropriate Explore sensitive topics using ‘distancing’ techniques, i.e. role play, case studies

What learning opportunities take place in school to support pupils feeling safe?

How does the new OFSTED framework help schools to evaluate safeguarding?

• A4.7 How effective are L & M – effectiveness of safeguarding procedures

• A2.5 Pupil outcome – the extent to which pupils feel safe

• Gathering the evidence for SEF– audit what you do, what difference has it made?

• Data - use of pupil questionnaires/OFSTED questionnaire, HABI survey, SEAL surveys, Resilience prog, HRBQ, Tellus5, use national surveys to benchmark your pupil response

How does the new OFSTED framework help schools to evaluate safeguarding? Pupil outcome

A2.5 Keeping safe

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