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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Government
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The National Democratic Institute

INTRODUCTIONS/ GROUND RULES • Introductions • Ground Rules • Ice Breaker Exercise

GENDER RESPONSIVE BUDGETING (GRB) OBJECTIVES • To develop a basic understanding of GRB • To become familiar with the budget process and tools to make it more equitable

GRB TOPICS • • • • • • • •

What is GRB? Benefits and goals GRB requirements Budget process GRB stakeholders Five step approach GRB tools Country examples

KEY TERMS • • • • • • • • •

Gender Budget Expenditure Revenue Income Audit Accounting Transparency Accountability

WHAT IS GRB? • Analysis of budget (expenditures and revenues) from a gender perspective • Disaggregation of budget in terms of its impact on men and women • Highlights the gaps between policy and resources committed • National, regional and local levels


WHAT GRB IS NOT • Not a separate budget for women • Doesn’t necessarily seek to increase the amount of money spent on women • Not an end in itself

GRB BENEFITS • Promotes government transparency and accountability • Addresses discrimination, inefficiency and corruption • More effective use of public funds • Improves policies and contributes to economic growth • Strengthens citizen advocacy and monitoring

GRB GOALS • Raise awareness of gender issues and gender impacts of budgets and policies • Hold government accountable for budgetary and policy commitments • Better promote gender equality

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GRB REQUIREMENTS • Gender knowledge • Budget knowledge • Issue/sector-specific knowledge

GRB ENABLING ENVIRONMENT • Access to the budget • Availability of gender-disaggregated data • Awareness of need for/benefits of GRB • Political will • Citizen support and clear objectives • Adequate resources

EXAMPLE: SOUTH AFRICA • Women’s Budget Initiative created by parliamentary committee and two NGOs • Analyzed national ministries, public sector employment and taxation • Case studies on local government, donor funding and job creation

WHAT IS A BUDGET? • Main policy statement and executing tool of government • Reflection of a country’s values

GRB AND THE BUDGET PROCESS • Budget cycle: planning, execution, evaluation/auditing • Timing of GRB is critical • Different budgeting models require different GRB approaches

BUDGET CYCLE • Determining the macroeconomic situation • Preparing guidelines and setting expenditure ceilings • Preparing ministry spending proposals • Securing legislative approval • Monitoring, evaluating and ensuring accountability


What are the procedures? How are national priorities determined? What are the constraints? What is the budget format? What is the role of ministries? What role does the legislature play? What are the roles of sub-national governments?


Government Lawmakers Civil society organizations and citizens International actors

ROLE OF THE LEGISLATURE Pass the Budget Act • Examine and decide on budget • Ensure commitments are upheld

Legislative scrutiny may be minimal: • Insufficient time or information • Lack of capacity/resources/political will • Limited power • Disproportionate influence

ROLE OF THE LEGISLATURE • Monitoring the budget and ensuring accountability • Auditing and reporting on spending • Example: French yellow paper

EXAMPLE: GRB IN UGANDA • A parliamentary initiative with linkages to non-governmental organizations • Budget research on ministries at the national level • Sustainability

EXERCISE: GRB PLANNING Develop preliminary answers to key questions

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GRB FIVE STEP APPROACH Step 1: Analyze the situation of women, men, girls and boys in a given sector

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GRB FIVE STEP APPROACH • Step 2: Assess the gender responsiveness of legislation, policies, and programs • Step 3: Assess budget allocations

GRB FIVE STEP APPROACH • Step 4: Monitor spending and service delivery • Step 5: Assess outcomes

EXERCISE: PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS • Analyze the situation • Statistics

• Assess gender responsiveness • Policies, programs, legislation

• Assess budget allocations

GRB TOOLS Gender Sensitive Policy Assessment: – Links budgets to policies – Examines each budget area and related policies from a gender perspective – Considers likely gender impact of allocations and associated policies

GRB TOOLS Beneficiary Assessments: – Ask intended beneficiaries to assess how public spending is meeting their needs and what their priorities are – Use opinion polls, attitude surveys, focus groups, interviews, role plays

GRB TOOLS Public Expenditure Analysis: – Compares distribution of public spending among women and men – Estimates the amount spent on a given service for women and men

Photo: Felicity Thompson, WHO

GRB TOOLS Sex-disaggregated Analysis of Impact of the Budget on Time Use: – Focuses on the amount of unpaid work – Is this likely to increase the time that men/women spend on unpaid work?


GRB TOOLS Revenue Analysis: – Examines the proportion of income paid in taxes/user fees by women and men

Gender Sensitive Budget Statement: – Governments can issue gender analysis of its programs and budgets

EXAMPLE: GRB IN TANZANIA • NGO-based GRB spurred government to start its own • GRB team includes government officials and NGO reps • Focuses on national ministries and on local budgets • Donor support

CASE STUDY: GRB IN INDIA Ministry of Finance • Included a column on gender outcomes in the budget • Mandated Ministries to identify gender mainstreaming programs and improve women’s access to services

CASE STUDY: GRB IN INDIA Ministry of Environment • Impact of climate change on women Planning Commission • Ensure that national and state plans are gender sensitive Department of Commerce • Gender implications of special economic zones

CASE STUDY: GRB IN INDIA Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs • Issue of deserted wives of non-resident Indian marriages • Periodic review of female domestic servants in foreign countries

Ministry of Urban Development • Clean and safe public toilets • Adequate street lighting Photo: Vivek Chugh,

CASE STUDY: GRB IN INDIA Ministry of Defense • Gender inclusion and non-discrimination in armed forces Ministry of New and Renewable Energy • Provide solar lanterns to girl students • Train women to sell and repair renewable energy devices

CASE STUDY: GRB IN INDIA Ministry of Health and Family Welfare • Health insurance initiative for women • Increase immunization levels for girls Ministry of Agriculture • National Gender Resource Centre • Increase access to credit and markets


GRB LESSONS LEARNED • GRBs have the most impact when they are led by government and driven by civil society • GRB has to be institutionalized • Ongoing monitoring is essential • Research to inform policy and support advocacy • Donor-driven initiatives are not sustainable

EXERCISE: GRB ROLE PLAY • Roles:    

Health and Education Agriculture and Rural Development Commerce Civil Service

Photo: NDI

GENDER RESPONSIVE BUDGETING REVIEW • Analysis of budget from a gender perspective • Promotes more effective use of funds • Need access to budget and data – and political will • Must be timed around budget cycle • Must be adapted and has many tools • Cross-sector initiatives are most sustainable and effective

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