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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications
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Commissioning for Adults and Communities in Doncaster Sarah Sansoa Rosemary Leek 26 February 2013

Current position • Use of resources • Adult Social Care Commissioning Strategy for Doncaster Being Person-centred Outcome focused Openness Equity of services Value for money Providing and supporting the local economy Partnership working Evidence based Develop commissioning competencies

Who is the Commissioning Strategy for?

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Citizens of Doncaster Elected Members Council staff Strategic Partners Voluntary and Community organisations Businesses Social enterprises

Doncaster Adults Commissioning Strategy – Building the Road

People, their families and carers



What do we want to achieve?  I am in control, I have choice, and I am involved and listened to  I am happy and independent  My carers and I get the right support, when and how we need it - not just a service

What do we want to achieve?  People’s experiences and opinions determine the services we commission  We will develop shared plans and priorities with partners  We will invest in high quality, safe services to deliver individual outcomes  The team are skilled, knowledgeable, qualified and feel supported to deliver personalised services

What do we want to achieve?  Our staff tell us that they feel valued, are well trained, and enjoy working for us  We know and act on what’s working and what’s not working for people, families and carers  We provide flexible, dynamic, safe and responsive services

How will it be done?  I will choose who supports them  My reviews will take place annually and be person centred  Processes will be simple and easy to understand  I will have a network of information, advice and support  Information collected on complaints and compliments is learned from and used to improve services  I am supported to have my voice heard

How will we know we have achieved it?  The number of person centred reviews undertaken  The number of people who say they are ‘in control’ of their personal budgets  The number and type of compliments and complaints  The number of people in crisis  More people, families and carers involved in decision making

How will it be done?  We talk and listen to people, their families and carers to understand what services they need by using the Working Together for Change process  We set a base line for person-centred services by using Progress for Providers  We will involve people, their families and carers in monitoring the quality of services  We will develop outcome based service specifications

How will we know we have achieved it?  Completed number of baseline selfassessments  The number of people with a ‘real’ personal budget will be increased and POET will be used to evaluate this  There will be a reduction in the numbers of admissions to residential care  We will have a commissioning strategy and service plan which sets out our targets

How will it be done?  Our staff will receive training to deliver person centred reviews and practices  We will self-assess using the Progress for Providers toolkits

How will we know we have achieved it?  We have stories and experiences from people, their families and carers  Improvement in Progress for Providers self-assessment scores  The number of services that are developed with people, their families and carers will be increased  The number of people receiving a service will be increased

Next steps:

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