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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Media
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Chapter 8: ODS Graphics  

ODS graphics were not available prior to SAS 9.2 They have been implemented across a wide range of procedures (reminiscent of JMP)

© Fall

2011 John Grego and the University of South Carolina 1

Chapter 8: ODS Graphics   

Graphs can be routed to different devices (default is LISTING) For default output, graphs are available in the Results window as separate objects The default graph type is .png; it can be modified to .jpg, etc Some style choices are readily edited © Fall

2011 John Grego and the University of South Carolina 2


Omnibus procedure to create ODS graphics We will review − Bar charts − Histograms and box plots − Scatterplots − Time series plots − Fitted curves 3

PROC SGPLOT-Bar Charts   

Creates vertical or horizontal bar charts Groups can be added Bars can actually be summary statistics for continuous variables

PROC SGPLOT; VBAR varname/ GROUP=catname; VBAR varname/ RESPONSE=varname STAT=stattype; LABEL varname=‘varlabel;


PROC SGPLOT-Histograms 

SCALE subcommand graphs percents, counts, or proportions on the vertical axis DENSITY overlays a normal curve (default) or kernel density estimate

PROC SGPLOT; HISTOGRAM varname; DENSITY varname; DENSITY varname/TYPE=kernel ;


PROC SGPLOT-Boxplots  

VBOX specifies graphing variables CATEGORY generates side-by-side plots

PROC SGPLOT; VBOX varname/ CATEGORY=catvarname;


PROC SGPLOT-Scatter Plots  

 

Alternative to PROC GPLOT Multiple SCATTER statements produce overlaid plots LABEL improves the legend for overlaid plots GROUP creates different plotting symbols

PROC SGPLOT; SCATTER X=hname Y=vname; GROUP=groupname; XAXIS LABEL=‘xlabel’ VALUES=(low TO high BY increment);


PROC SGPLOT-Time Series Plots 

 

Data points are connected by lines by default The horizontal axis will be time, date, etc LABEL command for dates follows naming conventions we have seen before

PROC SGPLOT; SERIES X=timeindex Y=vname; GROUP=groupname; XAXIS LABEL=‘xlabel’ VALUES=(‘ddmmmyy’d TO ‘ddmmmyy’d BY increment);


PROC SGPLOT-Fitted Curves 

 

A scatterplot is automatically generated for REG, LOESS, or PBSPLINE CLM adds confidence bounds NOMARKER suppresses the oft-redundnat printing of the scatter plot

PROC SGPLOT; REG X=hname Y=vname; LOESS X=hname Y=vname; PBSPLINE X=hname Y=vname;



Panel graphs are an increasingly preferred alternative to traditional methods for multi-graph displays.

PROC SGPANEL ; PANELBY variablelist; SCATTER X=hname Y=vname; SERIES X=index Y=vname; Etc.


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