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Scale Replica Project Miss Petrucci’s Grade 6 Accelerated Students January 2012

One desk is 2 feet, so then I divided it in to 3,000,000 liberty bells. Which gave me 1,500,000, so 1,500,000 desks are 3,000,000 Liberty Bells.

Location- Liberty Bell Center, Market Street & 6th street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  Fact- The crack is 24.5 inches long  Scale Factor- 1cm/5in 

My model is 8 cm tall

Alex Layton/Statue of Liberty Million=305,000,000 Scale Factor=11 Location=New York City Fact=The Statue of Liberty has four toes.

Roman Coliseum By : Daniel Mulraney 1 millimeter = 1 meter Location : middle of Rome, Italy There is 80 entrances. 1,000,000 Roman Coliseums would be 48,000,000 meters high.

A Million Time’s Height – about 94,697 feet  1in/250 feet  Near Keystone South Dakota.  George Washington's nose is 20 feet long. 

Benjamin Pham The Parthenon If there were 1,000,000 Parthenon’s stacked on top of each other it would equal to 114,000,000 desk sideways. The Parthenon is located in Athens, Greece. The scale factor for the height is 1cm= 25.3 ft. The scale factor for the width is 1cm= 18.3cm. Did you know that…? The Parthenon is named for the Greek term virgin’s apartment.

A baseball bat is one meter long. 324,000 meters*1 baseball= 324,000 baseball bats  Paris, France  1cm to 11 meters  Took 2 years and 5 days to complete. 

EIFFEL TOWER BY ZIZI COLEMAN  Eiffel Tower  Regular size- 1,063 feet tall  Scaled size- 5.5 inches tall  Paris, France

 The tower took 2 years to build  1 foot/193.27 inches  A million Eiffel Towers are 201,326 feet high

The north tower • The North Twin Tower was the tallest building in the world from 1981-1983. • The North tower was destroyed by Alkida on September 11, 2001. • The north tower was 1368 feet tall. • It was the tallest of the two towers. • Scales factor: 200 feet=1 inch

Scale Factor by Samantha Corso The Sphinx is located in Egypt in the Giza Plateau. The nose and parts of the Sphinx’s face was blown off the Sphinx; This is thought to be the work of certain Turkish troops using it for firing practice with cannons although it could have been the work of the Napoleon troops during this time in Egypt. The inside of the Sphinx is beginning to rot, and even though they keep trying to halt the rotting they are not being successful. The Sphinx is a national landmark in Egypt because Sphinxes represent the temple guardian, and they are located In the Giza Plateau because it is guarding Chefren’s tomb which is one of the pyramids of Giza. The face of the Sphinx is Chefren’s face itself.

Saint Louis Arch Abby Haugan

CAYLA SYDOWLIBERTY BELL A million Liberty Bells is 2840.9 miles high. That is the length of 526 ME’s. It is located in Philadelphia, Pensilvania U.S.A.

3 feet per inch= scale factor Real sized one 15 feet tall and 32 feet long. The Liberty Bell has moved many times in America.

Khafre’s pyramid by Justice Ross A million of Khafre’s pyramid stack up would be 3727680 tall. Khafre’s pyramid is 706ft The mini one is 3 inches tall About 146 mini pyramids can fit in the original one Pyramids were built because the Pharaohs believed that every living body was inhabited by a double, or ka.

Nikki Morgan- Easter Island Head • My clay figure is 4 inches tall • The real model is 69 inches • One million Easter Island Heads on top of each other will be 13068.1 feet high. • Is located in Easter Island • Every inch is 17.25 feet • The heaviest Easter Island Head is 89 tons

Leaning tower of Pisa!!! • • • •

Taylor Molina Location = Pisa, Italy Times 1 Million (Leaning tower of Pisa.) Over 35 times the size of the Eiffel Tower!! • Scale Factor = longer side = 1 in =62.0067 ft. • Shorter side = 1in = 91.64 ft. • Fact = Third oldest structure in Pisa's Cathedral square

Steven Kingkiner Harry Kalas Statue Paid for by fans Scale factor= 20inches to 1 inch Citizens Bank Park Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 99 Inches Tall 33 Inches Wide 1 Million Harry Kalas Statues would be 11,600,000 Feet Tall I found out that 1 Million Harry Kalas Statues would be the length of the Volga River

Location: The Louvre is located in Paris, France, on the right bank of the Seine River

Million measurements79,000,000 -11,302 Louvers can fit in the brim of the Grand Canyon, length wise. -33 Empire State Buildings can fit into 1 million Louvers. -8,642 Golden Gate bridges can fit into 1 million Louvers -146,920 Netbook screens (length wise) can fit into 1million Louvers

Interesting factThe Lover wasn’t originally built with the glass pyramid around it. In 1989 the builders decided it needed a little jazzing up.

Tanish Hariharan

Taj Mahal Location- Agra, India Fact• The people who made the Taj Mahal design inside and outside had their hands cut off after the Taj Mahal was finished being constructed, so the design could not be copied. Measurements- LxWxH 186ft.x186ft.x213ft. Central dome= 58 ft. in Diameter MillionOn top of each other is= 213,000,000 ft tall Next to each other is= 186,000,000 ft long

Najah hands statue of liberty • One million divided by 46055= 21 ft high • 13 cm , 11.61 scale factor • New York • It was a gift from France

Riley Hallock = Name South Twin Tower = Monument 25.7 = Million 1 in= 230.46 ft. = Sizes New York City, New York = Location Ramzi Yousef detonated 1,500 pounds of explosives in the underground garage of the South Tower. = Fact

Washington Monument by Andre Freire • This is how high my building would be if 1 million were on top of each other555× 1,000,000=555,000,000 • My version would fit in the height 13330 times and 274.7 in the width • It is located in Washington DC • The Washington Monument has 897 steps in it

Eiffel Tower By : Allison Coronado

Multiplied by a million = 1,050,000 ft. The Eiffel tower converted in inches = 12,600 Location of the building = Paris, France Most interesting fact = The Eiffel Tower was built for the International Exhibition of Paris in 1889 commemorating the centenary of the French Revolution.

The Sphinx

By Dominick Ciro

The Sphinx is located in Ancient Egypt, Giza. The most interesting thing I learned was that the word Sphinx means strangler. A million Sphinx is about 12,500 feet tall. About 6 Eiffel towers can fit into a million Sphinx.

About 8 Sphinx can fit into mount Rushmore. The total length of the Sphinx is 66ft and the width is 187ft

The scale factor is 5/15cm and reduced to 1/3 of the Sphinx.

LIBERTY BELL By: Kenny Beltrante A million Liberty Bell’s would be 36,000,000 inches high and 144,000,000 inches wide. My scale model of my Liberty Bell is 3 inches high and 6 inches wide and the real Liberty Bell is 36 inches high and 144 inches wide. On my scale model 1 inch of height is equal to 12 inches high on the real Liberty Bell. Also on my scale model 1 inch of width is equal to 24 inches wide on he real Liberty Bell. The location of the Liberty Bell is in Philadelphia, PA. My most interesting fact about the Liberty Bell is that it was made to celebrate the signature of the Declaration of Independence.

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