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Then Physz is something for you! What is Physz? A meeting place on line for Health Care Practitioners. Physz is independently run, secure and easy-to-use. It is free for all health care professionals to join Physz at Physz is shared into ‘rooms’. Each ‘room’ is called a Lab. You can join Melanoma lab and also create your own labs. What is Melanoma lab? Melanoma lab is a new lab for oncology nurses provided by BMS. In this lab you can find more information about BMS educational melanoma meetings for nurses. You can also interactively discuss educational meetings, for example dates

and agendas, with colleagues and BMS representatives in order to create interesting and relevant meetings together. Scandinavian language will be used in the Melanoma lab. What can I do in the Melanoma lab? • Find more information about BMS educational melanoma meetings and speakers • Find information related to melanoma, guidelines etc. • Get in contact with colleagues from Sweden, Norway and Denmark • Find hand outs and evaluation forms after meetings • Collaborate to shape the agenda for next meeting

12 ch 20 r a M of 15th .00-16.30 10 ilton H o t ome rt Welc rup Airpo Kast nhagen Cope

Försändelsen är utsänd med stöd av uppgifter ur Hälso & Sjukvårdens Adressregister (HSAR), av Bristol-Myers Squibb, som är anslutet till Integritetsskyddsprogrammet för HSAR. Ytterligare information erhålles av Cegedim, 08-633 76 80.


Are you an oncology nurse involved in the care of patients with malignant melanoma and interested to learn more about melanoma? Meet colleagues online? Find all BMS meeting information (agendas, invitations, speaker presentations, hand-outs, meeting reports, videos etc.) in one place? Share and discuss ideas about dates, agendas and speakers for upcoming BMS meetings?

How use Physz? By returning the tear-off voucher with your email address, we will have the pleasure to invite you to the Melanoma lab. The lab is easy to use and you will get more information as soon as you join Physz! Welcome to Melanoma lab!

Inbjudan till terapiinriktad utbildning med produktinformation

Sverige Porto Betalt

Learn more about malignant melanoma – join Melanoma lab! Box 15200, 167 15 Bromma, tel 08-704 71 00

Learn more about malignant melanoma with Melanoma lab

Scandinavian Melanoma Nurse Meeting

Scandinavian Melanoma Nurse Meeting Melanoma is the most aggressive form of skin cancer, accounting for 75 percent of skin-cancer related deaths. Trends show that melanoma is the fastest growing cancer worldwide, and the disease has for long been challenging to manage, especially at the advanced stages. As a nurse you play an important role in the care and follow up of patients suffering from malignant melanoma. Therefore, we will invite you to join this educational meeting with focus on the disease, the role of the immune system in malignant melanoma and traditional and novel treatment options. During the day there will also be time for patient case discussions and experience sharing in workshops.

Warmly welcome! Anna-Karin Hansback, Frida Wetterstedt, Tine Birkeholm Leth, Rune Kamsvåg and Vegard Vikhagen Bristol-Myers Squibb

tion is for This invita an Scandinavi nurses at t are Clinics tha Oncology their g n ti in upda interested t u e abo knowledg elanoma. m malignant

gramme – Programme – Programme – Pr

Please fill in and return this tear-off voucher to Bristol-Myers Squibb by 1st of March 2012.

SVARSPOST Marie Hansson Kundnummer 20458370 167 15 Bromma

Sverige Porto Betalt

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I agree that the above person participating in the educational meeting and I want 100% of travel and accommodation costs paid by the clinic.

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I agree that the above person participating at the educational meeting and that 50% of the travel cost is paid by Bristol-Myers Squibb





Please contact Anna-Karin Hansback at +46 70 632 32 71 or anna-karin. [email protected] if you need assistance with your travel arrangements.

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Note! The lower part of the tear-off voucher must be completed by your Principal to be valid. Please fill in and return to Bristol-Myers Squibb by 1st of March 2012.

Scandinavian Melanoma Nurse Meeting

Inbjudan till terapiinriktad utbildning med produktinformation

Thursday the 15th of March 2012 at 10.00-16.30 Hilton Kastrup, Copenhagen 10.00-10.30 Welcome coffee 10.30-11.30 Melanoma-the disease in a historical perspective and today Lars Bastholt, Odense Universitetshospital 11.30-12.30 Treatment of Malignant Melanoma-an overview Johan Hansson, Radiumhemmet, Karolinska Sjukhuset, Stockholm 12.30-13.30 Lunch 13.30-14.30 The immunology system and new treatment approaches-from a clinical perspective Marta Nyakas,Radiumhospitalet, Oslo 14.30-16.30 Coffee and workshops 14.30-15.45 Workshop: Patient case discussion Maj Havemann, oncology nurse, Herlev Hospital 15.45-16.30 Workshop: Physz – a new way to share experiences The lectures will be in local language. BMS can pay half of the travelcost (50%). Do you have any questions regarding the meeting? Please contact Territory Business Manager Anna-Karin Hansback at +46 70 632 32 71 or [email protected] for more information. You will also find more information about the meeting online at Physz!

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