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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, International Relations
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EL Summer University 2014, 23-27 July 2014 Wednesday 23.7 09:00-09:45 Morning 10:00-12:30

13:00-13:45 Afternoon

Thursday 24.7: Reclaim economy

Friday 25.7: Reclaim Peace

Saturday 26.7: The Europe we are fighting for

Sunday 27.7


12.30-16:30h: Gender Day: Feminizing of class struggles - feminist resistance. Women from different countries report in pictures and words from their struggles

15:00-17:30 17-18:30h: Official Welcome

10-12:30h: The impact of crisis and austerity on the European countries Inger Johansen (Red-Green Alliance, Denmark), Steffen Lehndorff (transform! Europe), Moderator: Natassa Theodorakopoulou (SYRIZA, Greece)

Moderation by: Heinz Hillebrand (DIE LINKE.) 10-11h: 1914 - 2014: 100 years after World War I: Challenges for internationalism (Input: Heike Hänsel, DIE LINKE. MP)

10-12:30h: Europe and the role of the Left after the European elections Pierre Laurent (EL President), introduced and moderated by Claudia Haydt and Walter Baier

11-12:30h: 2014: Geopolitics are back on the agenda The increasingly aggressive political and economic foreign policies of NATO and the EU as part of a global shift in the balance of powers Southern, Eastern and Middle European perspective, Maite Mola (Vice president EL, IU, Spain), Sergej Kiritschuk (Ukraine), Tobias Pflüger (Vice president DIE LINKE, Germany)

DEPARTURE Buses to airports Tegel and Schönefeld and main station (Hauptbahnhof) 10–12h: Continuation of ELFem Austerity Day. Conclusions for the EL

DEPARTURE Buses to airports Tegel and Schönefeld and main station (Hauptbahnhof)

11-13h: Workshop on productive and unproductive labour, hosted by Peter Fleissner, transform!at

LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH * LUNCH Seminar I: Trade Unions' struggles in Europe, Paloma Lopez, Th. Kotsifakis, Sabine Reiner, Moderation: Heinz Bierbaum Seminar II: TTIP and the worldwide economic war, the geopolitical confrontation, the future of the EU Ulrike Herrmann (Study RLS); Roberto Musacchio, Christine Mendelssohn Seminar III: Not only left but also feminist alternatives (hosted by EL-Fem) Scientists and activists from Austria, Turkey, Southern and Middle Europe are requested

Seminar I: Imperialism and Political Alternatives in Latin America Jorge Grela (Representative Sao Paolo Forum), Alba Theresa Higuera Buitrago (Columbia), Obey Ament (coordinator Latin America WG, EL), Moderation: Florian Horn (RLS Brussels)

Seminar I: How to fight the far right and nationalist/chauvinist parties effectively Makis Kouzelis (political scientist,Greece), Elisabeth Gauthier (transform! europe), Joachim Bischoff (Sozialismus), Moderation: Thilo Jansen (RLS)

Seminar II: The situation of Left Forces in Ukraine and challenges for international solidarity Volodymyr Ishchenko (Social Scientist, Ukraine), Sergej Kiritschuk (Leader Borotba Movement, Ukraine), Wolfgang Gehrcke (MP, Executive Board DIE LINKE)

Seminar II: Changes in the political geography after the European elections and Strategic options of the Left in constructing a different Europe Maite Mola (Vice President EL), Natassa Theodorakopoulou (SYRIZA, Greece), Richard Dunphy (Ireland), Michael Brie (RLS), Waltraud Fritz-Klackl (KPÖ Austria), Moderation: Conny Hildebrandt (RLS)

Workshop I: Left alternatives Frédéric Boccara, Elmar Altvater, Moderation: Walter Baier Workshop II: Democratize democracy. Economic democracy, network neutrality etc. With actors from solidarity economy, Dora Kotsaka (NPI), Richard Detje Workshop III: Precariousness in Europe Yann le Lann, Elisabeth Trallori, Alkistis Tsoulakou

Workshop I: Revolution, Counter-Revolution new (and old) political challenges after the arab uprisings Mounir Kachoukh (Tunisia), Inger Johansen (Red-green alliance, Denmark) , Errikos Finalis (SYRIZA, Greece), Moderation: Gilles Garnier

Seminar III: The Left and/in political power Helmuth Markov (minister of justice and viceprime minister in Brandenburg), Rosalia Martin (member of the Andalusian parliament), Jussi Salamo (Left Alliance Finnland), Moderation: Gunna Starck (Red—Green Alliance, Denmark)

Workshop II: Women in social crises and war: Feminist perspectives on war and peace (hosted by EL-Fem) Aurélie Royon (Mouvement de la Paix, France), Irina Golubieva (peace-activist, Odessa, Ukraine), Aphroditi Stampuli (Syriza, MP), Mirjana Kucer (Women's and human rights activist from Croatia) Moderation: Christiane Reymann (DIE LINKE.)

Workshop I: Social media and political campaigning Anne Sabourin (member of the EL Executive Board, PCF), Barbara Steiner (transform! europe), Matheios Tsimitakis (Social media campaigner of SYRIZA Greece), Mihalis Panagiotakis (SYRIZA Greece) Workshop II: Chances and opportunities for left politics/political parties in Eastern Europe Moderation: Margarita Mileva (EL Vice President) Workshop III: Organizing migrants hosted by: Left Working Group "Europeans in Berlin", Judith Benda and Phil Butland Workshop IV: Political education in left parties, hosted by: Department of political education DIE LINKE. 17-20h: EL-Fem Austerity Day Women´s resistance against Troika policies and the feminization of class struggle

19:00-19:45 Evening 20:00

DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER * DINER 20-21h: Opening exhibition “Pacifists in World War One” Reiner Braun (IALANA)

20-21:30h: Roundtable: Indignados, Blockupy and new social movements – new forms of resistance Christine Buchholz (MP, Blockupy), Alfredo Mazariegos (M22 representative, Spain), Giorgos Chondros (Greece / Austria, Europa Anders candidate European Elections)

20-22.30h: "Refugees welcome" Cultural - political event in Eberswalde ahead of regional elections in Brandenburg (Sept. 2014), Live on stage: "Mona reloaded" and "Karate Schulz", with Inputs on the situation in Ukraine and Greece. Transport to village is provided

Closing party in the evening

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