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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, US History, Revolution And Post-Independence (1775-1820), Revolutionary War
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Alexa Hershy and Gina Lazzareschi


Kmitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopanosti

• March 13, 1954- November 6, 1991 • Committee of State Security. It is in control of frontier and general security and the labor force system of the former Soviet Union. • Headquarters in Moscow • Principal Soviet security agency; the principal intelligence agency; the principal secret police agency

Tasks and Organizations of the KGB…. • External espionage • Gather U.S. atomic secrets • Counter espionage • The liquidation of anti- • Guard national borders. Soviet and counter revolutionary • Successfully recruit organizations spies. • Guard critical state property • Guard the Communist Party and State leaders

Melita Norwood • Soviet spy at the age of 25. • Revealed information to the KGB for 40 years. • Information with state secrets from her job at the British Non- Ferrous Metals Research Association (building nuclear weapons) • Her codename was “Lola”. • Exposed in 1999 • Told secrets of nuclear weapon developments. • Her reason, “Only wanted Russia on equal footing.”

Kim Philby • High ranked member of the British Intelligence. • Lifelong career as a spy for the Soviet Union • A part of the Cambridge Five along with Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt, and John Caircross. • Admired communism. • 1962- confirmed as a Soviet spy. • On January 23, 1963 he dissapeared • Gave away atomis secrets.

Vasili Nikitich Mitrokhin • Major and Senior archivist for the Soviet Union’s foreign intelligence service in 1948. • Went undercover for many assignments. • Mishandled an operation and exiled from KGB. • Once exiled and reflecting on KGB life he said, “I could not believe such evil. It was planned, prepared, thought out in advance. It was a terrible shock when I read things.” About the Russian people. • Acquired 25,000 pages worth of information from the USSR. • Gave it to the United States, but it was rejected. • Then took it to Britain, where they believed the work had potential. London accepted him as an agent.

Aldrich Ames  Started to work for the CIA in 1962 and started his work as a double agent in 1985.  Former Central Intelligence Agency counterintelligence officer.  Told the USSR of at least 100 operations .  KGB mole in CIA.  Convicted in 1994.

Robert Philip Hanssen  FBI Agent  Spied for USSR  Sold American Secrets to Moscow for $1.4 million in cash and diamonds over 15-year period  Read books by Kim Philiby  Sold 3 KGB agents in the Unisted States secretly working for the FBI.  Revealed expensive tunnel dug under the Soviet Empire for eavesdropping.  Plan for computer program designed to track enemies.  His treason has been described as the “worst intelligence disaster in US history.”


Central Intelligence Agency is an intelligence agency of the United States Government.

Obtains and analyzes information about foreign governments, corporations, and individuals. Reports the information to the government. “Hidden hand” of the government through “covert actions” at “the direction of the President.”

CIA IN THE COLD WAR • During the Cold War the CIA attempted to gain control of other governments, trained military, and paramilitary forces. They also conducted propaganda campaigns. All actions were denied to the press and the public. •Conducted numerous covert operations in the name of keeping the United States safe, and protecting its interests.


Codename for Anatoly Filatov.  Spy for the CIA when he was reassigned the Foreign Minister in Moscow.  Supplied paraphernalia for espionage.  Quickly caught by the KGB

OLEG PENKOVSKY Soviet double agent  Russian World War II military hero to becoming Americas best human intelligence asset in the Soviet Union.  Highest level Soviet officer to ever spy for the U.S. or British Intelligence.  Penkovsky case is considered to have been the most successful Cold War espionage operation. 

SECRET OPERATION… IN THE U.S. • U2 Flight – – – – – –

“The Black Lady” Flown by Francis Gary Powers The reconnaissance flight. UFO scare. Launched May 1, 1960. The aircraft had been followed by Soviet MIG’s at an unreachable height – the KGB and the VAD, air defense, decided to use the most up-to-date "ground-to-air" missile. • Missed the U2 plane twice before hitting its target. – F.G. Powers was captured and sent to solitary confinement for 10 years.



• steal the secrets to better understand there opponent. • soldiers were the trained “spymasters” in the Cold War •spies operated in a world of shadows, deception, and betrayal. •Soviets gathered about the Cambridge Five.



Mossadegh and the CIA

• • • •

Mossadegh was a leader in Iran Nationalized Oil Industries Close ties with Communism CIA took him out of power and put in Shah Reza Palavi only because of his dissaproval of communism


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