Section Comm`ns Region SD B, Paul Wesling

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications, Advertising
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Generating Income and Improving Communications Within Your Local Section -for Medium to Large Sections

Paul Wesling, IEEE Life Fellow Past Communications Director, IEEE SF Bay Area Council Past Editor, e-GRID nsltr and GRID.pdf Magazine San Francisco Section Oakland/East Bay Section Santa Clara Valley Section

San Francisco Bay Area Council, IEEE The IEEE GRID Magazine

Resources Download this talk, and the extensive background material, templates, etc, at: You can view these slides at Subscribe yourself to our e-GRID: To contact me: Paul Wesling [email protected] +1-408-320-1105

Outline Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter

1: How the SFBA Council Does It 2: How You Can Do It 3: Where is the Money? 4: Viewing Your Resources 5: The Right Person 6: Selecting Tools (keeping them simple) 7: Getting Paid 8 : Some Examples

Chapter 1:

Medium to Large Sections

Who we are – S.F. Bay Area Council: – Three Sections (SF, OEB, SCV) – Three Sections combined (~18,000 members)  Includes Largest Section in the world  About 48 chapters/groups – SFBA Council (board) reports to the Sections – Serving Silicon Valley (entrepreneurial environ.) Our GRID Magazine was started in 1953 – Printed as a monthly magazine until 1998 – Now Web, email, blog, RSS, eNotice, ListServ

Focus of Talk Sections with 4 or more active Chapters – Each with 5 or more meetings/year – Perhaps also with PACE, YP, Life, WIE group(s) Willingness to Improve/Expand Top-Level View, for your awareness: – You Section Officers are “decision-makers” – You’ll find other volunteers, for implementation – The downloadable examples and resources will give your helpers a good start

Your Job Today As a Section leader, you should focus on: – The VISION – can you do this locally? – What RESOURCES you may already have

When you discuss this – the challenges: – Who can work with you to implement this – See it as a Multi-Year project – Ideas about what your “Comm’ns Director/ Editor” would be like; who could do it – How to leverage what I’ll be telling you

Your IEEE “Franchise” Each Section (or Group of Sections): – Geographical monopoly – We don’t compete for advertising funds – We can share freely and help each other to improve the IEEE “where we live”

So, sit back and “think broadly” about what can be accomplished …

An Overview of our S.F. Bay Area Council Chapter 1:

We’re bigger than you – thus, different: – Opportunities; challenges We’ve been doing this for some decades We will review our recent developments: – 10 years to develop our Internet-based “system” – Do it a few steps at a time – Gather ideas, for consideration – Implement what works in your locale

The GRID “System” The GRID is a powerful publicity utility/ service for Chapters in the Bay Area Sections: SCV, OEB, SF – As a monthly PDF – the GRID.pdf – As a twice-a-month e-GRID email to Members & others (circulation of about 33,000 engineers/managers) – As a website (events come up in Google searches) – As a web log (blog) and RSS feed - Google indexing in
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