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SENDIASS Michael Hughes FAcSS, FRSA Member of Birmingham SENDIASS independent management board. Member of Healthwatch England board

SENDIASS • Special • Educational • Needs, and • Disability • Information

• Advice, and • Support • Service

Birmingham SENDIASS • Successor to the Parent Partnership • Wider responsibilities (Education, Health, and Care) • Greater catchment (pre-school to post-school) • Information, Advice, and Support to: • Children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities, • and to their parents and carers. • SENDIASS staff work for the City Council • But must offer impartial and confidential advice at ‘arms-length’ from other LA services. • there is also an independent management board.

Free and impartial • The Children and Families Act, and the SEND Code of Practice

give the City Council duties to provide information and advice about matters relating to their SEN or disabilities, including matters relating to health and social care. • The information, advice and support offered by SENDIASS

must be impartial, confidential, accessible and free. • SENDIASS staff are all independently trained in SEND law and


SENDIASS work • Information, advice, and support for: • Assessment processes • Education, Health and Care Plans • SEN and disability provision in nurseries, schools and colleges • Social care and health issues that are related to education. • Individual casework support for: • Preparing and attending meetings • Preparation and attendance at complaints hearings • Preparation and attendance at Tribunal hearings • Confidential and impartial support for 16-26 year olds: • Choices • Making decisions

Engagement and development • SENDIASS works to ensure that parents, carers and young

people are kept informed about, and consulted on, local SEND policy and practice. • SENDIASS holds regular locality meetings across Birmingham as well as larger meeting in the City Centre to give voice to the views of parents, carers and young people with SEN and disabilities.

Partnership • SENDIASS • Works with schools and colleges: - maintained and independent, mainstream and special. • Supports the 4 Locality Groups in the City. • Links to national and local government and voluntary sector agencies. • Parent Carer Forum and SENDIASS • Observation and assessment of local implementation of Children and Families Act • Employment of Independent Support workers to assist the transition from ‘Statements’ to ‘Plans’ • Advice and assistance to schools, colleges, and others.

Issues for 2014 - 2015 • The match between provision in Birmingham and children’s •

• •

needs The quality of information and advice available to parents The quality of the local offer How well are children formerly at School Action and School Action Plus supported under the new system? SEND Home to School Transport

To contact SENDIASS • Telephone: 0121 303 5004

• E-mail: [email protected] • Webpage:

Next City-Wide meeting: • Friday, 9th January, 10:00 – 13:00 Council House

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