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January 9, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Management, Sales
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 It’s time to make some decisions.  Technical College? 2-Year College? 4-Year College?

 Safety School? Stretch School? What’s the difference?  What if I’m not going to college? Do I need to be here

today listening to you?

 Finalize your application list  Visit College Campuses  Register for the ACT or SAT, if necessary  Register for SAT II Subject Area tests for Selective

Colleges  Register for SAT Prep Course, if necessary  Determine your method of application:  Regular Deadline  Early Action

 Early Decision

 Organize Application Materials  Begin Scholarship Search

 Work on your applications  Check the college websites for what each college requires  Send Test Scores  Ask teachers for letters of recommendation, if required  Write Essays, if required

 NCAA—first application for athletes  Send your applications by Winter Break, unless. . .

You’re applying Early Action—then apply by Oct. 1 2. Your college has a deadline in late winter or spring and you want to work on your grades 1st semester before sending your transcript Have your parents attend Financial Aid Night—Dec.4 1.

Apply for Financial Aid:

FAFSA—Free Application for Federal Student Aid All males must register with the Selective Service when they turn 18 Continue to search for colleges and scholarships

Receive acceptance letters from colleges Receive financial aid package from colleges Decide which school you plan to attend

 Going into the Military? Make final arrangements

with your recruiter  Working after High School? Start looking for a job— or a BETTER job.  Taking a year off before starting college? Check with your college about deferring your enrollment. Many will let you apply now and will notify you of your acceptance, but allow you to begin the following academic year.

 By May 1 you must let your college know that you plan

to accept their offer of admission  After May 1, colleges assume you plan to attend a different school and start offering admission to their “wait list” students  If you change your mind after May 1, there may not be room for you at the college  Notify Student Services where you want your final transcript sent

 Online Application is preferred  Paper Application can be downloaded


 Allows Creekview to

send your transcript & immunization record to colleges and scholarship agencies  Forms available in the Student Services Office  Parent Signature required until student turns 18

 Complete 1 form for

each college app.  In-State applications: request electronic transcript from GACollege411  Out-of-State applications: Include $3 Fee, Envelope with 3 Stamps for transcripts  We keep record of date transcript sent

OUT OF STATE SCHOOLS We must send your transcript, school profile and immunization through the mail so we need you to provide the following:

Request transcripts for Georgia colleges

Check your HOPE GPA from this site.

 Fill out completely

and legibly  Be specific

 Give information that

sets you apart from other applicants

 Include specific

dates  Describe any activities that are not selfexplanatory  Be specific  You can attach a Word Document instead

 Student Essay: Tell

about something not listed elsewhere  Parent Essay: We get

the best information from your parents. Let them brag on you!

RESUME (Page 4) Use this page ONLY if you

need a counselor letter of recommendation Fill out the top part

before giving it to a teacher Choose a teacher you

know well, ask them to fill it out and return it to your counselor

 for SAT scores  for ACT scores  You can find these links on the Student Services


 Give teachers form and stamped/addressed envelope

and they will send

OR  Give teachers form and ask them to give the

recommendation to counselor  ALWAYS give your teachers 2 weeks notice  Teachers ARE NOT required to write you a recommendation, so always ASK them if they will write you a recommendation  The purpose of the teacher rec is to explain your skills in that teacher’s class

 Complete the Student Resume form and give it to

your counselor 2 weeks in advance  The purpose of the Counselor recommendation is more global—includes extracurricular, as well as academics—and validates what you have included in your application

 

 Student Services Website: ew-hs/studentservices/default.aspx  Dec. 4: Financial Aid Night for parents of seniors

See your Counselor when you have questions about the College Application process.

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