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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Engineering & Technology, Computer Science
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Presented by: Shane Kullman VMware / Microsoft Consultant TIES 1667 Snelling Avenue North Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108 Office: 651.999.6232 Fax: 651.999.6210

Noteworthy New Features 

Server Management 

Manage multiple servers


Deploy roles and features

Consult a single tool

Noteworthy New Features 



Load Balancing

All or Few Scopes

Noteworthy New Features 

Force refresh

Noteworthy New Features 

Resilient File System 

More robust than NTFS

CHKDSK is now much faster

Automatic data deduplication

The fileserver component

Noteworthy New Features 

Hyper-V 

The third release of Hyper-V

You don't need a SAN

WS2012 also virtualizes storage and networking

The new storage pool system

Microsoft now recommends that all servers run virtualized – even Domain Controllers

VDI and Terminal Server functionality are both much improved

Features Removed or Deprecated in WS12   SQL Server 

Server Message Block (SMB) 

ODBC support for 16- and 32-bit applications and drivers is deprecated.

Cluster.exe 

SMB.sys has been removed. Replaced with Winsock Kernel (WSK)

Database management systems 

Versions of Microsoft SQL Server prior to 7.0 are no longer supported.

will be replaced by failover cluster powershell cmdlets.

Token Rings 

support is removed

Planning for WS12 

Active Directory can be upgraded or migrated

File and Storage can be upgraded, but DFS must be reinstalled

Remote Desktop Services cannot be migrated

Web Server (IIS) No functionality has been removed or changed. Web apps that work in IIS 7 will word in IIS 8

Installation Options for WS12 

Core 



Smallest install footprint

Installation Options for WS12 

Minimal Server Interface 

Removal of Graphical Shell 

IE10, Explorer, Desktop and Start screen are removed

MMC Server Manager and a subset of the Control panel remain.

Installation Options for WS12 


All standard Server components

Microsoft Store available rchive/2012/07/18/windows-server2012-installation-options.aspx

Evaluating Versions and Upgrade Options for WS12 

Foundation 

15 user account limit

No virtualization rights

32 GB max

1 Physical CPU

Limited AD functionality (migrations)

No upgrade path

Evaluating Versions and Upgrade Options for WS12 

Essentials 

Replacement of Small Business Server

25 user account limit

No virtualization rights

Some cloud connectivity

Only Migration not upgrades from old versions

Available for Eval

Evaluating Versions and Upgrade Options for WS12 

Standard 

Full server functionality

2 virtual instances

Available for Eval

Evaluating Versions and Upgrade Options for WS12 

Datacenter 

Replaces both Enterprise and Datacenter of 08

Full Server functionality

Unlimited Virtual instances

Available for Eval

Common Management Tasks and navigation in WS12 

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