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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Engineering & Technology, Computer Science, Databases
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NetSupport ServiceDesk v5 With a new look and modern feel designed to support the latest product enhancements and suited to both desktop and tablet platforms, version 5 is the most accessible yet.

NetSupport ServiceDesk • Entirely web-based solution • Enables initiation, tracking, resolution and reporting of incidents, problems and changes • SLA (Service Level Management) • Custom Report Designer • Customisable Operator Layouts • Pre-populated templates

Service Level Management •

Meeting customer expectations and delivering a cost-effective support service is key if a healthy relationship between business units and IT teams is to be maintained.

Service Level Management is a core component of the ITIL service delivery framework and version 5 provides optimised workflow processes to ensure Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) can be developed, agreed and successfully managed in line with customer needs.

Incident Management • Log incidents and review status in realtime. • Connect multiple related incidents. • Automate incoming/outgoing email processing plus incident assignment, escalation and prioritisation. • Structured notes history.

Incident Management • Record time spent per incident. • Help request logging with customisable categories, and prioritised help requests for specific users and incident types. • Pre-populated solutions database to allow customers to search for an answer before logging an incident. • Pre-populated incident templates.

Problem Management • Real-time trend and risk analysis of incidents to help with proactive problem management. • Seamless integration with the incident management database to facilitate quick conversion of incidents to problems.

• Instant visibility of progress and current status.

Problem Management • Automated email processing. • Ability to attach external files and supporting information to a problem. • Wide range of customisable and printoptimised real-time management reports. • Automatic closure of all related incidents when a problem has been resolved. • Searchable Knowledge Base.

Change Management • Central point of focus for anyone logging or tracking a change request. • Define methods and procedures for change requests, including automating workflow processes. • Reporting and approval mechanisms at each stage of the lifecycle.

• Full history to enable analysis of changes.

Reporting • Custom Report Designer. • Print-optimised reports. • Drag and drop interface to build fully customised reports. • Ability to export all reports in a variety of formats.

Integration NetSupport Service Desk integrates seamlessly with NetSupport Manager and NetSupport DNA for fully integrated market-leading remote support and asset management.

Mobile Devices • Built-in support for mobile devices.

• Enable all operators to receive and update incidents whilst on the move. • Auto detect when accessed from a mobile device and display a set of simplified pages.


Customisation • Custom Data Designer. • Profiled Operator access. • Streamlined creation of a solutions database to aid future help requests. • Multi-lingual user interface. • Personalised “Exit” messages. • Design tool to add custom data items

Escalation • Fully customised email templates to send email notifications. • Create customer-specific rules. • Automatic and/or manual escalation of incidents.

Benefits Summary SAVE MONEY and increase service…. • Faster problem resolution. • Automation of repetitive tasks. • Utilisation of your existing infrastructure.

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