Session 4 - Michael Lebeau: Transgender Resources

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Endocrinology
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TRANS RESOURCES Helpful Tools and Information for Working With Transgender Clients and Students By Michael Lebeau

Basic Information

DEFINITIONS Transgender Umbrella term for people whose gender identity, expression or behavior is different from those typically associated with their assigned sex at birth

Refers to All Gender Variant or Gender Non-Conforming People

DEFINITIONS Variety of Titles Used to Refer to Transgender People Trans Men, Trans Women, Transsexuals, Intersex People, Cross-Dressers, Transvestites, Androgynous People, Genderqueers, Agenders, Non-Genders, Genderless, Gender Benders, Bigenders, Non-Binaries, Third Gender, Two-Spirit

DEFINITIONS Trans* Transgender Abbreviated With An Asterisk Asterisk Indicates Inclusiveness Umbrella Designator for All Identities Within the Gender Identity Spectrum

DEFINITIONS Transsexual Specific term for people whose gender identity is different from their assigned sex at birth Often transsexual people alter or wish to alter their bodies through hormones or surgery in order to make it match their gender identity

DEFINITIONS Intersex Specific term used for people who are born with external genitalia, chromosomes, or internal reproductive systems that are not traditionally associated with either a “standard” male or female

DEFINITIONS Bigendered Specific term used for one who has a significant gender identity that encompasses both genders, male and female Some may feel that one side or the other is stronger, but both sides are there

DEFINITIONS MTF Specific term for a person who transitions from “male-to-female,” meaning a person who was assigned male at birth, but identifies and lives as a female

Transgender Woman

DEFINITIONS FTM Specific term for a person who transitions from “female-to-male,” meaning a person who was assigned female at birth, but identifies and lives as a male

Transgender Man

DEFINITIONS Gender Reassignment Hormone treatments and surgical procedures that change one’s body to make it conform to a person’s gender identity Gender Confirmation Top Surgery: Breast Augmentation or Removal Bottom Surgery : Altering Genitals

SYMBOLS Transgender Pride Transgender Pride Flag with Blue, Pink and White Stripes Combined Symbols of Hermes (Mercury) and Aphrodite (Venus)

Combined Biological Symbols of Male and Female

TDOR Transgender Day of Remembrance November 20 Remembering Transgender People Who Were Violently Murdered Websites:

Agencies and Organizations

ALGBTICAL Association for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling of Alabama Information, Stories, Resources, and Links Related to Transgender Issues and Concerns Website: Go to: Transgender

ALGBTIC Association for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling Competencies for Counseling Transgender Clients List of Transgender Books and Websites

Website: Go to: Resources Go to: Competencies

HRC Human Rights Campaign Transgender Visibility Guide Resources for Transgender Employees Transgender FAQ Website:

PFLAG Parents Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays Support for Transgender People and Their Families Welcoming Our Trans Families and Friends

Website: Go to: Get Support Go to: Transgender Support

GLSEN Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network Harsh Realities: Experiences of Transgender Youth in Our Nation’s Schools Model District Policy on Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students Website:

GENDER ODYSSEY Gender Odyssey Family Support for Families Raising Gender Non-Conforming and Transgender Children Website:

FAMILY ACCEPTANCE Family Acceptance Project San Francisco State University Marian Wright Edelman Institute Website:

WPATH World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People Website:

TRANS LAW Transgender Law Center Addresses Laws, Legal Issues, Public Policy, Public Attitudes, Human Rights, and Discrimination Relevant to Transgender People Website:

TRANS EQUALITY National Center for Transgender Equality Social Justice Organization Political Advocacy and Activism Website:

APA American Psychological Association Answers to Your Questions About Transgender People, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression Website: Go to: Psychology Topics Go to: Sexuality

NASW National Association of Social Workers How Do I Know If My Child is Transgender? Website: Go to: Diversity & Equity Go to: LGBT Issues Link to: Help Starts Here

AGA Alabama Gender Alliance Social Group Public Advocacy J D "Ox" Freeman - Founder/Past President Kelly Kuykendall – Current President

See: Facebook Page E-Mail: [email protected]

News and Information Sources

GENDER SPECTRUM Education, Training, and Support for Transgender Children and Their Families Resources, Services, Training, Events Website: Go to: Gender Resources

HUFF POST Huffington Post On-Line Magazine Gay Voices News, Information, Stories, and Commentary Related to Transgender Issues and Concerns Website: Go to: Transgender

Research and Publications

DR. GENNY BEEMYN MTF Transgender Researcher Expert Author and Lecturer Director of Stonewall Center (UMASS-A) Transgender Issues on Campus Transgender History Lives of Transgender People Trans Bodies Trans Selves Transgender Children and Youth

DR. DIANE EHRENSAFT Gender Born Gender Made Expert Author and Psychologist Raising Healthy Gender Nonconforming Children

SAM KILLERMANN Guide to Gender Social Justice Advocate’s Handbook Book: Guide to Gender Model: Genderbread Person Show: It’s Pronounced Metrosexual Website: Website:

DR. STACEE REICHERZER MTF Transgender Counselor Expert Author, Researcher, Educator Past President of TALGBTIC Beyond Barbie, Ken & the DSM: Working With the Lived Experiences of Transgender Clients

World Professional Association of Transgender Health Standards of Care

TRANS HANDBOOK The Transgender Child Handbook for Families and Professionals By Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper Comprehensive Guidebook for Parents Raising Gender Variant and Transgender Children

TRANS GUIDELINES Transgender Emergence: Therapeutic Guidelines for Working With Gender-Variant People and Their Families By Arlene Istar Lev Social Worker

PRACTICE NOTES Social Work Practice With Transgender and Gender Variant Youth Edited by Gerald Mallon Collection of Articles, Narratives, and Case Studies

People and Personal Stories

KYLAR BRODUS Trans People of Color Coalition First Transgender Person to Address US Senate FTM Transgender African-American Invited by Senator Tom Harkin to Serve on Witness Panel to Testify in Support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

JENNA TALACKOVA MTF Transgender Beauty Pageant Contestant 23 Year Old Canadian Knew She Was a Girl by Age 4 Began Hormone Treatments at Age 14 Gender Reassignment at Age 19 First Transgender Miss Universe Contestant

CHAZ BONO Famous FTM Trans Activist Born Chastity Bono to Music Stars Sonny and Cher Began Transitioning at Age 40

CARMEN CARRERA MTF Transgender Model Born Christopher Roman Performer on RuPaul’s Drag Race May Become the First Transgender Victoria’s Secret Model

JANET MOCK MTF Transgender Journalist Editor People Magazine On-Line People.Com Recently Interviewed by Piers Morgan Interviewed by Marie Claire Magazine Sundance Channel Top 10 LGBT Voices Sylvia Rivera Activist Award

STACIE LAUGHTON MTF Transgender Lawmaker New Hampshire’s First Transgender Legislator See Article: Huffington Post

COY MATHIS One Child’s Fight to Change Gender Article in Rolling Stone Magazine By Sabrina Rubin Erdely Journey of Young Boy Who Wanted to Become a Girl and Her Parents' Process of Coming to Terms with the Transgender Issue

STEPHEN IRA We Happy Trans 21 Year Old FTM Transgender Student at Sarah Lawrence College Born Kathlyn to Hollywood Stars Warren Beatty and Annette Benning Underwent Gender Reassignment at Age 14 Six Minute Video Monologue

JAZZ MTF Transgender Child Comments and Insights from 7 Year Old Transgender Child Video Series: I Am Jazz Website:

MS. SID Jody Suzanne Ford MTF Transgender Hairdresser Birmingham Icon Born Sidney McFerrin Ford Sex Reassignment in 1972 Ms. Sid’s Coiffure in Five Points South Shot to Death in 1977 See Article: Weld Magazine

DARCY CORBITT MTF Transgender Student Auburn University Born David Hall Transitioned at Age 21 Senior in College

See Article: AL.Com Auburn Plainsman Campus Newspaper

DAKOTA Transgender Student Birmingham-Southern College Died: November 2014

Media and Other Items of Interest

TRANS AMERICA Film About Transgender Story Starring Felicity Huffman MTF Transgender Person Bree Osbourne Formerly Stanley Chupak Tries to Reconnect With Son Toby

BOYS DON’T CRY Film About Brandon Teena Starring Hillary Swank True Story About Brandon Teena Born Teena Brandon in Nebraska Girl’s Body But Passed as a Man No Hormone Therapy or Surgery Kidnapped, Raped, Assaulted Murdered at Age 21 in 1993

CROSSOVER KIDS Documentary Film By Jeannette Francis Produced by SBS Dateline and Journeyman Pictures Stories of Transgender Children Coy (MTF) Eli (MTF) Max (FTM)

AGAINST ME Laura Jane Grace Tom Gabel MTF Vocalist & Musician Florida Punk Band New Album: Transgender Dysphoria Blues

MATT NATHANSON Girl in the Kinks Shirt Music Video About Man Who Meets and Falls in Love With MTF Transgender Dancer Songwriter: Matt Nathanson Star of Video: Matt Nathanson Video Producer: Bob Goldthwait

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