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January 19, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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Short Stories About the authors Literary terms Story Plot

Story Plot

Setting – where and when the story occurred  Where?  When?

Protagonist  the

main character in a story, novel, drama, or other literary work

Antagonist • the character who works against the main character.

Theme – the big idea, the message or moral of the story  Possible  

    


Crime doesn’t pay Friendship sometimes means sacrifice Family is important Do not act like someone you are not Be careful what you wish for Sacrifices bring rewards Love conquers all

Point of View – the perspective of the one telling the story 1st Person – narrator is the character in the story -- Look for pronouns – I, me, we, us

Point of View – the perspective of the one telling the story 2nd person – narrator tells story to someone  Look for pronoun – you

Point of View – the perspective of the one telling the story 3rd person – narrator is not a character  3rd person omniscent – narrator relates to the thoughts, feelings, and actions of ALL characters  3rd

person limited – narrator tells what ONE person think, feels, and observes

 Look

for pronouns – he, she, it , they, them

Conflict - a struggle between opposing forces  Internal

Conflict: takes place inside the character  Roger

vs. himself - should he run away?  What should Mrs. Jones do with this boy?  External

Conflict: a character’s struggle against a force outside himself or herself  Roger

tries to steal Mrs. Jones’ purse.  Mrs. Jones grabs Roger.

Story Plot

About the Author of “The Scholarship Jacket” Marta Salinas  She was born in _1949__ in Coalinga___, __CA__.  She received her degree from __University_ of California__ in creative writing__.  She is an _environmental activist_ as well as a _writer_.  She has published several _short stories_ in __journals__ and __anthologies__.

Story Plot for “The Scholarship Jacket”    

         

1. Martha, a poor Mexican American girl, living in Texas hopes to earn the “Scholarship jacket” given to the class valedictorian. 2. Martha overhears two of her teachers arguing over who should win the scholarship jacket. 2. Mr. Boone wants to give the jacket to a girl named Joann because her father is very powerful. 2. The principal calls Martha to his office the next day. 2. The school board decided to charge 15 dollars for the jacket this year. 2. Martha cries on her way home. 2. Martha asks her grandfather for the money for the jacket. 2. grandfather refuses to pay on principle. 2. Martha tells the principal why her grandfather won’t pay. 2. Martha tells him to give it to Joann 3. Martha is awarded the scholarship jacket. 4. Martha sees Mr. Schmidt and he congratulates her. 4. Martha rushes home to tell her grandfather. 5.Martha discovers her grandfather was right all along.

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