Skeleton frames

January 14, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Architecture
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Advanced Construction Technology

By Professor Chris Gorse , Joseph Kangwa & Ian Dickinson – licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike License

Skeleton frames: Assembling

Chris Gorse, Joseph Kangwa and Ian Dickinson These slides should be read in conjunction with Emmitt, S. and Gorse, C. (2010) Barry’s Advanced Construction of Buildings. Oxford, Blackwell Publishing

Multi-story skeleton frame

Skeleton frames • The following drawing shows a three dimensional view of a steel frame

Actual frame

The completed building

precast stairs are provide a fast and safe installation into the steel frame

Lining the building up • The building will twist slightly as it is erected. Before casting any concrete any movement in the structure needs to be corrected. Winches are used to pull the building back in line.

As the building is erected it will need to be pulled into line.

Bracing • Triangulation and solid infill walls are used to hold the structure rigid and resist horizontal loads such as wind.

Wind bracing

Roof bracing and composite floor provide lateral resistance against wind loads

Fixing the frame together

• Roof beam to column connection • Beam to column connection

Column to column – spliced and bolted connection Universal column

Column prefabricated with end plate All holes for bolts are accurately predrilled off site

Splice plate bolted to both top and bottom column

End plates welded to the end of each column and bolted together

Splice fixing ready to receive next column

Column to column splice fixing

Column base and holding down bolts

Steel wedge holds the base in the correct line (position)

Base plate welded to column (plate minimum 12mm thick) Steel packing shims fix column at correct level Temporary bund wall (sand) None shrinkable grout fills void left below plate (liquid grout poured into voids) Void formed by cardboard or polystyrene cones, which allows +/- 20mm horizontal tolerance is filled with grout Large washer fixed to bolt to prevent pull out

Holding down bolts cast in concrete

Holding down bolt in temporary frame which would be cast into a concrete base

Beam connection using end plates welded to the beam Universal column

Beam prefabricated with end plate welded to the beam.

End plate Holes for bolts predrilled in column and beam end plate ensuring accurate fixing

Beam to column connection

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