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Progress 4G pilot at SURFnet Maurice van den Akker Team Manager Mobile Connectivity SURFnet

4G eduroam 4G

• Always connected • Independent of •

Technology and Operator Seamless roaming over Wi-Fi/3G/4G without changes to the device

1URFnet meets Janet - January 2012 S

Operator Spectrum + Institute WLAN


4G eduroam Pilot


SURFnet - We make innovation work

Utrecht Science Park Coverage 9 km (5.6 mi) Pilot Area

6 km (3.7 mi)


Antenna location

Goals of 4G eduroam pilot 1. Build and share knowledge working with 4G mobile networks in education and research environments 2. Develop technical architecture and test environment for integration of 4G and eduroam 3. Get input for a sustainable business model for providers of a combined eduroam and 4G/3G service.

B2C and B2B with the following features: - KPN 4/3G coverage (inter)national - Offloading to eduroam Wi-Fi on “hotspots” and campuses - Use capacity of SURFnet backbone - Use of eduroam credentials for network-access - Potential of one million users - Integrated with campus services (e.g. Library service, UC) - Re-useable for other operators 4

Many questions to address -

What is the added value of a fully 4G coverage on the campus for educational purposes?


Does it reduces costs for Wi-Fi rollouts?


How does it stimulate the new working and learning? Which applications can be used now, that couldn’t be used before? Does it enable better cooperation among students and teachers? What new educational developments does it start?


Is the 4G service comparable with the eduroam (Wi-Fi) service they are used to, in order to provide “seamless roaming”?


Even more questions ;-) -

How should the eduroam/3/4G IP infrastructures best be integrated?


How should eduroam 3G/4G authentication infrastructures best

be integrated? (EAP-SIM, username/pw) -

How can the smartcard in phones and tablets be used for simplifying access to eduroam and also for federated educational services?


What are the characteristics of IPv6 on 4G?


What are relevant developments? (SoftSIM, Hotspot 2.0, ….)?


Architectural activites Four activities in 2012: 1. Determine IP path 4G eduroam. How to fully take advantage of SURFnet’s backbone (gateway) 2. Authentication:  Add KPN as an eduroam service provider.  Couple the LTE authentication infrastructure (HSS/MME) with the Radius infrastructure 3. Use smartcard as authentication in both worlds? (EAP-SIM?) 4. Automating provisioning to end-user devices and authentication servers


SURFnet - We make innovation work

Milestones 2012 Q1:

4G up and running


First 4G connectivity pilot with veterinary Architecture definition of 4G eduroam


IPv6/4G Pilot at SURFnet offices

Q3/4: Architecture 4G eduroam implemented Roaming 4G pilot with Utrecht Medical Hospital. Q4:


Third pilot with Hogeschool Utrecht (tbd)

SURFnet - We make innovation work

Thank You Maurice van den Akker [email protected]

Presentation released under Creative Commons


SURFnet - We make innovation work

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