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January 15, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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Literacy – ‘ From Play to Pencil’ – Creative literacy project to engage children and families. The Nottingham Playhouse Roundabout team will be working alongside both Year 2 classes on a project based upon the traditional tale ‘Rapunzel.

Numeracy – Weekly mental math’s focus and regular tables work. •

Doubling and halving numbers to at least 30.

Money – addition, change and word problems.

Children will be learning to retell the story and then they will start to change different elements and create their own versions.

Multiplication – repeated addition, arrays, word problems and x tables – 10,2 and 5

Drama games and activities will explore the different characters and their roles within the story They will turn new stories into play scripts. Parents will be invited into school to watch their plays.

Division – repeated subtraction, sharing , problem solving and division facts for above tables.

3 Billy Goats Gruff, the focus will be on the traditional story and then they will be adapting it and introducing new characters.

Addition and subtraction facts for pairs of numbers to 10.

Symmetry and shape. Reading different scales.

Christmas problem solving.

Focus – using powerful verbs, different sentence starts and extending sentences

Art/DT -Papier mache puppets linked

ICT – Comic Life children to create a comic strip of part of Rapunzel so they can recognise when characters are speaking and create conversations ready for their play scripts.

with Rapunzel. •

Moving pictures using different techniques to make the witch climb up the tower.

Mixed media pictures for film backdrops.

Fire of London art work.

Design and make a strong bridge for the goats to cross the river safely.

Sewing Santa hats and designing and make a Christmas bauble competition,

Humanities –

Year 2 -Traditional Tales - Autumn 2

Science – Investigations – Rapunzel only has a candle to light her tower. How could we help her make an electrical circuit?

Bonfire night - Guy Fawkes

Remembrance Day - why and what we are thinking about?

Electricity – sources, health and safety issues. Which things use electricity in the home?

The Great Fire of London linked with materials.

Looking at castles and then a family homework project – Make a castle for Rapunzel and the Prince to live in.

Candle investigation – observation, What happens as a candle burns? What does a candle need to keep it burning?

Investigate different materials that are used for building, use scientific vocabulary link with Rapunzel’s tower.

Test pieces of card folded and cut in different ways to find out how to make a strong bridge.

Famous bridges in Britain - Brunell

Global Dimmension •

Black History month – Mary Seacole and Aanasi stories.

Traditional tales from different parts of the world.

Making and testing different materials in circuits.

Dave Ellis from the ‘E Learning Centre’ work with each class for a day – focus film.

Using laptops for tables practise.

Flip cameras to record their plays.

Puppet Pals on the ipads to make moving films with sound.

R.E/ Music/ PE •

Investigate places of worship and find out about a church and synagogue.

Explore the main differences between the faiths and different key festivals.

Hannukah – importance of light

Visit St Patrick’s Church for a crib service.

PE –. Continue working with PE specialist – focus gymnastics. Music – Weekly music sessions learning Christams songs and playing instruments.

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