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Thanksgiving party at Dr. Ed Umbarger’s house. Probably 1986. The Umbargers invited both Zhao and Guan families for Thanksgiving every year while they were at Purdue. First row, Ed Umbarger, Ethel Umbarger, Dianna (Umbarger’s daughter), Yuli Wang; Second row, ZiyouYu, Guoping Zhao, Kunliang Guan

Niagara Falls, July 1985. We were on the way to attend Xiong Xia and Heather’s Wedding in upstate New York. From right, Kunliang Guan, Yuli Wang, a Purdue student, her mother, Ziyou Yu (Guoping took the picture). We met the Purdue students on a boat tour at Niagara Falls. They told us that we could go to Canada on the other side of the bridge. In fact we did, but Canada did not allow us to enter. When we came back, the US side did not allow us to enter either. We were told by the US customer that student ID is good for Purdue library but not at the customer. It took us several hours to re-enter US. However, Gouping was proud that we actually stepped on

Ziyou and Yuli posed in front of the US capital, Summer of 1985.

Yuli Wang, Kunliang Guan, Guoping Zhao, and ZiyouYu. Visiting Washington DC. Summer of 1985.

A party probably at Ziyou/Guoping’s house, late 1980s. Yijuan Shen, ZiyouYu, Yuli Wang, Guoping Zhao, Baigeng Mei, Yi Zhang

A party probably at Chaofeng Zheng’s house. Yuli Wang, Ziyou Yu, Guoping Zhao, Kunliang Guan, Zhengwu Lin. Summer 1989.

Ziyou and Guoping visiting Ann Arbor, probably the summer of late 1990s. Posed in front of Gerald Ford Library on the University of Michigan campus.

Guoping and Ziyou visiting Gerald Ford Presidential Library, Ann Arbor, late 1990s

Yian Wang, Yuli Wang, Kunliang Guan, Guoping Zhao, Ziyou Yu, Ming You. Posed in front of the Guan house, summer late 1990s. Yian Wang and Ming You were friends at Purdue. Guoping, Kunliang, and Ming were house mates for their first year at Purdue.

Ziyou Yu and Guoping Zhao visiting University of Michigan North campus. Posed in front of one of the bell tower on the campus.

A poem composed by Guoping and calligraphed by Zhiyou celebrating the birth of Jean Guan. Jean was born on the Chinese Moon’s festival.

十七年前,自由和国平一道来西部尽观美丽河山。而后回国贡献, 只可惜自由匆匆离去。 但她的形影仍在我眼前徘徊。那时异国它乡 赛过一家人的日子是永生难忘。时间空间加死神都不能冲淡此情 感。

陆海萍,周克民,赵国屏,俞自由 (1993, Grand Canyon)

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