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Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI) Sue Markowsky, Pharm.D. Regional Director, CPI / Capstone Paper

Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI) CPI Objective:  Improve practice within your realm of influence.  Example:  Aim to improve patient-centered care or pharmacy practice at your workplace (or voluntary practice setting)


Continuing Professional Development

• CPD Processes* for Lifelong Learning Initial Reflection

Goals and Plan Activities Evaluate Reflection (cycle repeats) *Refer to Dr. Mitrzyk’s CPD Lecture for Examples


CPI Year 1: Reflect and Plan  Reflect on ideas for clinical practice improvement Consider :  Patient needs  Personal / professional interests  Workplace opportunities  Search literature for published studies relevant to topic

 Plan:    

Outline CPI goals Design strategies to improve practice Write a plan / proposal which details CPI activiies Plan Implementation of CPI activities


CPI Year 2: Activities  Implement CPI activities  Provide written reports each semester:  describe progress with practice improvement activities  submit evidence of accomplishments


Leadership  Successful CPI Planning and Implementation will require effective leadership skills  Review Dr. Karen Riley’s lecture on Leadership (Foundations Course) prior to planning CPI activities


CPI Year 2: Implementation


Examples : • Design and provide an educational program to health care professionals • Implement or improve a patient counselling program for diabetics • Improve drug delivery systems or processes to reduce medication errors • Implement or improve clinical pharmacy services • Establish a medication therapy management program Implement a smoking cessation program • Implement a pharmacist-run vaccination service

Important Note  Do not include an evaluative component or data collection phase  Students are asked not to outline, plan, present or write about any institution-specific data collection  STOP HERE: UF IRB approval is required for any student assignments involving systematic data collection including clinical research, employee or patient surveys, outcomes data, quality improvement projects, etc…


CPI Year 1: Timelines  1st Semester: Reflect  Reflect on 1-3 potential project ideas

 Complete Course Assignment (see Next Steps, Resources)  Record your best ideas


CPI Year 1: 2nd Semester  Outline Goals and Strategies to improve practice  Complete CPI Outline form outline objectives and initial planning steps

 Search literature on evidence available for CPI topic  Submit to PharmPortfolio*

*Refer to Manual for WPPD PharmPortfolio


CPI Year 1: 2nd Semester Details      

Reflect on CPI ideas and professional goals Decide on your first choice for the CPI strategy Outline CPI objectives, strategy, and initial steps Complete literature search for relevant evidence Submit outline to facilitator Present outline to facilitator and group for feedback  Regional: Session #1  Remote: weekend session  Improve and resubmit based on facilitator feedback


CPI Year 1: 3rd Semester  Write a 1-2 page full paragraph paper which details the CPI Planned Activities  Submit the paper to PharmPortfolio* and Year 1 Practice Experiences Elearning site.

*Refer to Manual for WPPD PharmPortfolio


CPI Timeline: 4th to 6th Semesters  Provide verbal and written class updates on accomplishments each semester during Session 1 or Remote Weekend  Submit evidences each semester to PharmPortfolio  Provide followup to the CPI action plan


PharmPortfolio  See Dr. Diane Beck’s lecture and demonstration of PharmPortfolio  Refer to the Manual for PharmPortfolio (see Resources, Next Steps section folders).


Capstone Year 3 Paper  Write a review paper summarizing clinical trials relevant to pharmacy practice  Recommended Option:  Write a practice paper which evaluates and summarizes published clinical trials which are relevant broadly or directly to the CPI plan / activities completed during CPI Year 1 and 2.

 Alternative Option:  Write a review paper which evaluates and summarizes published clinical trials regarding a specific medication or pharmacy-related topic.

 See next presentation “Capstone Paper”


See Next Lecture: Capstone Paper


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