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January 19, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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Social Realism PowerPoint With Examples

Louis Eastwood

Social realism Introduction and themes Social Realism is a genre of film focusing on different issues surrounding many people in a modern society. It is an artistic movement expressed in visual and realistic arts, which zooms in on a wide range of topics such as: economic hardship, social and also racial justice. Usually B.S.R films are based on one certain theme and the development of it. in which it helps the story go on, e.g. Bullet Boy is based on gangsters, violence, gun crimes, and different relationships with the police and son and mother • Other common themes: • Money • Drugs • Prostitution • Sex • Class • Religion • Political views • alcohol

Location/settings The locations are usually set in very poor and deprived areas, but most of all everyday places which anybody may come across in there day to day life. Locations are filmed in actual real places, which is different from most genres, which are mainly shot in studio/staged areas. The reasoning behind filming in these everyday areas makes the film seem more true to real life and more relatable to the viewer. Most common locations and setting are: • Places of work, eg, factory's or small shops • Council estates • Fields/parks • Busy inner city areas • Abandoned squats • Pubs

Location examples from different films

Narrative Conventions • The use of unknown actors, these actors could be anyone, making it more realistic. Also many British Social Realism films cannot afford well known/ Hollywood actors, e.g Ami Ameen as ‘Trife’ in Kidulthood

• Social class is a main aspect, most SRF deal with the working class, as many working class families have very hard and depressing lives it makes everything more realistic • A lot of the dialogue is abusive and relative to certain places, for example strong accents and also use of slang. The dialogue is also different to most other genres, instead of bringing the narrative forward it more like having a conversation/chat • Scripts heavily reliant on improvisation, making everything seem more realistic and un scripted. This makes scenes seem more casual and relaxed.

Characters •

The characters in social realism tend to be lower/ working class people, who tend to be having a hard time making a living. The characters tend to have been caught up in drugs or violence. Family’s tend to be single parented and lacking in a powerful role model. Unlike most films social realism doesn’t tend to base them film around one male protagonist, instead most films revolve around more than one person, who are typically flawed and not quite as heroic as the typical protagonist from an action movie.

From Trainspottingshows a man getting involved with drugs to forget about the sorrows of his everyday life.

Trainspotting- showing his carelessness by laying over a train track. Connotes a character not enjoying life and not afraid of death

Kidulthood- one kid threatening another with a knife. Hoodies and knifes are very typical of the genre.

Use of Camera Trainspotting- A wide shot used to establish the scene. This shots helps create the mood and also the togetherness of the characters. The grey and misty weather creates a very depressing mood and the fact that four characters are standing together connotes that they are all feeling in the same bad mood Kidulthood- A low angled shot making the 3 violent boys look powerful and dangerous. It is also a point of view shot from the boy on the floor being beaten, showing the weak and defenceless position that he is in. Full Monty- A low angled close up shot making the lower class man look happy and powerful. This shows that lower class individuals can enjoy life too even with a great deal money and wealth

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