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January 14, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Apuntes, Apuntes de enseñanzas medias, Ciencias Sociales
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Geography is a science which studies the Earth surfice and what is happening on it. Geography is devided into three areas: −Physical Geography −Economic Geography −Human Geography Biome: Is an association of plants, trees and animals who live in the same area that depending of the climate are different. Biomes



Tropical forest

Hot and wet weather

Very poor

Hot and dry, Savanna

Poor 2 seasons


Very hot OR cold. There isn't a Poor lot of water

Decidious forest

Climate: Oceanic, Good for Mediterranean, agriculture Continental




Artic climate, very cold

Poor (Permafrost) Permafrost, Always frozen


Location Human impact Asia, South of America and Large lealed and Europe, a 3rd of Desforestation huge trees Brasil and western Afrika Increased presure No much trees, Eastern Afrika, through hunting. thorny bushes, between tropical Big agriculture grass and forest and desert impact baobab Afrika, Asia, Oceania, Little impact Cactuses America and (Oil) Europe Europe,China, Very big, no Japan, Eastern place without Trees (conifers) USA, Canada Human impact and Mexico Eurasia and A big Coliferes Canada desforestation Lickens small Around the Unknown until weeds moss north pole now

Latitude: How far apoints from the Equator. Depending of the human impact we can find differents types of landscapes: −Natural landscapes. Are those without human impact −Trasformed landscapes. Are those in whick agriculture and the use of fire have transformed the enviroment irreversibly. −Ordered landscapes. Are theorecally create by a society actin in a rational and coherent manner. Raw materials: everything that you can see before processing.


Primary sector comprises economic activities concerned fairly directly with raw materials. Mining Forestry Cattle raising Fishing Agriculture Secundary sector. Uses industrial processes to transform raw materials. Basic industry, making−machine... etc. Basic industry (minerals) Constumes Goods Industry Terciary sectors. The terciary sector is services, isn't including another things relatied to the other 2 sectors. E.g. transports, comunication, education.... 4º sector This 4º sector will be internet, but isn't very shure.


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