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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Media
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Camp Social Sustainable Tourism New ways to enable tourism

Content 1. History 2. The Camp

e Concept

3. Development of Social Sustainable Tourism 4. Project description 5. Next step

1. History Sweden has a long history of national projects in Social tourism: • • • •

House wife holidays Union cabins for workers Children summer camps Swedish Right of common access

1. History Camp • • • • •

e (Entreprenörskollo)

Started 2005 – Proven concept Over 20 Camps App 200 participants 25 leaders trained Very big interest from media

2. The Camp e Concept • A pedagogical method as a complement to traditional education with key features: – Personal responsibility for results and learning – ”Real life” tasks in close cooperation with companies – Focus on ”realizing” – To complete a task under own responsibility strengthens self confidence – Experienced leaders support the process

2. The Camp e Concept • The Camps: – 7-30 participants – Duration between 1-8 weeks – 2-5 leaders – Age 12-15, 15-18 and 18-25+ – Reference group with Companies, Public sector and representatives from School sector (Triple Helix)

3. Tourism Development • Reference group: – Real life Triple Helix (Private, Public and School sectors) – Task at Camps according to important areas of development (i e Enabeling facilities for disabled people, immigrants etc)

3. Tourism Development Public sector

Private Companies


Reference group

Operational Camp Group

3. Development of Social Sustainable Tourism • Camps during and after project period • Reference group works with development of tourism industry

3.Benefits of Camp e • Raising self esteem of participants. “I could… I can!” • Increasing availability of new groups • Real life integration

3. Benefits of Camp e • Filling low season or new “off-centre” facilities • Cooperation between tourist companies and non-tourist companies • Cooperation between school, public sector and private sector

3. Benefits for the Community • Setting new goals and role models • Initiating the feeling of belonging • More efficient intervention when out of ordinary surroundings

Camp e - Example. ”Wildlife” • Project task: Make a travel package for foreign visitors to the Swedish wildlife (Adventure, hunting, fishing) • Including: » Marketing – Website, folders, etc » Product development – ”Making the package” » Accounting – Pricing » Improving wildlife camp » Sales – Finding partners and clients

References • One of Sweden's most successful CSR project • Sweden's most successful youth integration project ”This is the first time I do not feel different in this country”

4. Project Description • Internationalization of Concept: Project during 2011-2013 (Preparations 2010) – 15 participating regions, starting with 5 during 2011, 10 year 2012 and 15 year 2013 – One camp per year + exchange of participants and leaders with other partners

4. Project Description • Operational Camp organization: – 3 local leaders with experience of working with youth and business development – Housing with cooking facilities (pref Tourist site where the project tasks will be performed) – Camp duration app 14 days

4. Project Description • Reference group organization: – Representatives from private companies – Tourist development agency – Representatives from School sector

4. Project Description • Reference group work plan: – Yearly conference with exchange with other reference groups – Start up work shop before Camp – Evaluation work shop after Camp

4. Project Description • Seeking and contracting partners in Internationalization Project • Criteria's: – Good connections in the school system and public sector for recruiting and future implementation in the school system. – Good network in business segments, especially tourism sector to enabling the finding of companies to cooperate with during the camp. – Personnel experienced in working with youth, language skilled in English – Dedicated project leader that shares our values and beliefs in Entrepreneurial development and importance, the need for strengthening self esteem, the power in integrating different cultures and personalities and of course with good project management skills.

Contact information

Lars Ahlin – Project manager +46 70 634 40 80 [email protected]

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