SOL CE.3-4 Review

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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SOL CE.3-4 Review Citizenship

SOL 3a Fill in the Blank • The _____ Amendment defines citizenship. • The 2 ways to become a citizen of the United States are: – ________________________ – ________________________

Immigration • Immigration and naturalization has led to a ______________ society.

SOL 3b: The Constitution protects fundamental freedoms in the 1st Amendment. Few, if any, are absolute. 

    

Write the 1st Amendment freedom on your whiteboard as I call out the definition. Press Assembly Speech Religion Petition

Fourteenth Amendment 14th Amendment Defines Citizenship

Extends due process protections to the actions of the state

SOL 3c: Duties of citizens

SOL 3d: Responsibilities of Citizens • Register and vote • Hold elective office • Influence government by communicating with government officials • Serve in voluntary, appointed positions • Participate in political campaigns • Keep informed regarding current issues • Respect others' rights to an equal voice in government

SOL 3e: A democratic society requires the active participation of its citizens. Ways for citizens to participate in community service  

Volunteer to support democratic institutions (e.g., League of Women Voters). Express concern about the welfare of the community as a whole (e.g., environment, public health and safety, education). Help to make the community a good place to work and live (e.g., by becoming involved with public service organizations, tutoring, volunteering in nursing homes).

SOL 4: Personal Character Traits of Citizens On the following slides, write on your whiteboard what personal character trait each picture or story represents.

• Carrie is a store employee. Her boss asks her to take the store’s deposit of cash to the bank. Carrie does so, and returns to work with the deposit receipt.

• Trustworthiness

• Self-Reliance

• Courtesy and respect for the rights of others

• Greg is driving to a party with friends, and is going the speed limit. His friends want him to drive faster, but he refuses.

• Respect for the law

• Patriotism

• Crystal goes out skating with friends instead of studying for her test. She fails the test, and admits to her parents she didn’t study.

• Accountability

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