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Soldiers BY: Josue Lumba, Ashley Mejia, Silver Miller, and Karina Pineda

What was the unique contribution that Army Chief of Staff General George Marshall made to the United States war effort during World War ll?

• • •

Attended the Atlantic Charter Conference Authored the principal American war plan for defeating the Axis Powers and worked with other Allied leaders. December 1943, Marshall appointed to command Allied forces in Europe

Lt. Colonel James Doolittle is most famous for being a pilot.

Most famous for leading a daring bombing raid over Tokyo in 1942, and that was the 1st American attack to the Japanese

During the Second World War, Audie Murphy became famous for the most decorated soldier.

Why is Audie Murphy considered to be a singular American hero and legend from World War II? Among the dead was 46year-old Audie Murphy, the most decorated veteran in US history Investment opportunity.

Which allied commander took the most amount of land in the pacific and did it with the least amount of loss of life in the united states military?

• Douglas MacArthur • Jan. 26,1880- April 5, 1964 • General and field marshal of Philippine army • Chief of staff of the U.S. army in the 1930’s • Played a big role in the pacific theater during WW2 • Medal of honor • Only man to ever become a field marshal in the Philippine army

Which group was known as the Purple Heart Battalion? • • • • • • • • •

Japanese-American that served in US military 1941 more that 5,000 served Pearl Harbor changes everything 4-C enemy aliens Sent to ten inland internment camps Nisei(second generation Japanese Americans) discharged from service Nesei were ignored first battle was against Purple Heart Battallion first battle (not typical) Fear, prejudice and often outright hatred a battle to gain the RIGHT to fight.

Japanese–Americans who joined the armed services fought mostly in Europe because the U.S. feared that they would sabotage them.

The Lost Battalion

Which company was an all-Hispanic, American infantry unit in World War ll?

• • • • •

"The Borinqueneers" Puerto Rico 65th Infantry Regiment More than 65,000 service members Underwent extensive training, then sent to Panama

What was so unique about the 92nd Infantry Division, nicknamed the Buffaloes? • The nickname 'Buffalo Soldier' dates back to the late 1860s, when black soldiers volunteered for duty in the American West.

The Buffalo Soldiers

Navajo Code Talkers

Commanders in the Pacific Theater used various cipher machines to prevent the Japanese from breaking secret coded information.

In addition to being known as the most highly decorated unit for their size, the 442nd is also known for which famous battle during World War II? • The 442nd was famously known for the rescue of the lost battalion battle during world war 2

442nd Infantry Regiment

What set the 99th Pursuit Squadron apart from other contemporary Army Air Core units in Europe?

• The thing that set the 99th pursuit squadron apart from other army air force was because they were the 1st African-American fighter squadron

99th Pursuit Squadron

Schnee Eifel

Very hard to find water

This primary source map is dated Jan 15, 1944. It is the 12th Army Group situation map. What may have been the goal of the map and how may Tuskegee Airmen have contributed? • The goal of the map was to plot which places they needed to bomb • The roles where to protect the white air foremen

The Shikami Sisters

• They are sisters and found a way to survie while their husbands are in the war. Their soldier husbands are all a part of 442nd Infantry in Italy.

Camp Shelby

• Private Noyama of Headquarters Company, 442nd combat team, stands guard at the entrance to Field Headquarters. The 442nd combat team at Camp Shelby is composed entirely of Americans of Japanese descent who volunteered for services in the armed forces. This unit is approximately 8000 men is undergoing intensive training.

Another picture of the combat team at Camp Shelby Building a Pontoon Bridge

The bridge completed, a company of infantry rush with fixed bayonets to the opposite shore and enter the enemy's heavily wooded territory.

Same as the last 2 picures Eyes Right • A company of infantry stand at attention during training on the Camp Shelby drill field.

Is involved with the Camp Shelby Hot Mississippi. • Members of the 442nd combat team drape themselves on a jeep to dress after a cool swim in the Leaf River near Camp Shelby.

Pfc. Noboru Hokame, Hawaiian-born Japanese-American, and his Chicago buddy, Pfc. Charles P. Carroll, spent their convalescent furlough together recently at Carroll's home, 2102 S. Central Park, Chicago 23, Illinois. Hokame, a member of the 100th Battalion which was later merged into the 442nd Combat Team, was wounded in Italy and France and wears the Purple Heart with an oak leaf cluster. Since Hokame could not go home to the Island of Maui on convalescent leave, Carroll invited him to Chicago where the two boys have been warmly welcomed by Carroll's family and friends.

Died in Battlefield •

Image of a U.S. Amy officer presenting a folded American flag for a soldier killed in action to deceased's wife or mother who is interned in a concentration camp in the United States.

Pfc. Thomas Higa, 27-yearold Japanese American war veteran and smallest member of the 100th Battalion, who is in Denver to tell other Japanese Americans about the wonderful treatment the United States Army gives its soldiers. Higa was wounded at the battle of Cassino in the Italian Mississippi. He went overseas in August, 1943, landed at Oran, Algeria, and going directly to Salerno. He hopes to return to the fighting front and doesn't care where it may be so long as he is fighting the enemy of freedom loving people.

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