South Carolina Census 2010 Advertising and Outreach * an overview

January 15, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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South Carolina Census 2010 Advertising and Outreach – an overview

Where SC Fits In • SC spending about $250,000 on advertising and outreach • Federal campaign more than $300 million, with bulk on TV. Also focused on many languages. • We assume SC residents will see lots of federal advertising – we are trying to be an exclamation point that says “You’ve heard about the census, here is why it matters to SC.” • Safety, security message of census left to national ad campaign.

Where SC Fits In • Because of modest resources, we are focusing on counties where 2000 data showed a higher percentage of people missed – different measure than mail response rate. • Those counties include: Richland, Greenville, Charleston, Aiken, Oconee, Beaufort, Dorchester, Berkeley, Horry and Spartanburg

Billboards Running February through April in target markets. Within counties, we have aimed to place boards in areas with low mail response rates. Total Billboards: 20 Richland County: 5 Charleston County: 3 Greenville County: 4 Aiken, Beaufort, Berkeley, Cherokee, Dorchester, Oconee, Spartanburg and York counties: 1 each

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Hispanic Outreach • SC Census Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Tracy Semenza is visiting small businesses, restaurants statewide, distributing literature. • Launched Spanish-language website • Created series of six Hispanic posters and one brochure.

Hispanic Radio Greenville: Davidson 910/1260 AM and 103.9 FM What: 732 30-second spots Charleston: El Sol - 980 AM & 1430 AM What: 480 :60 spots, plus three interviews on Morning Show "Saul y Kchorro" 3 Two-Hour Remotes which include 15 live liners per remote Columbia: La Raza 840 AM Columbia What: 424 :30 spots, 4 interviews on Community Hour 4 Live Remotes Sponsorship of News, traffic or sports (15), DJ endorsements, inclusion in community events.

Hispanic Newspapers La Nacion Hispana: Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Oconee, Pickens What: 7 Half Page (2/10-3/24) & 1 Full Page (3/31) Fortaleza Cristiana, LLC: Greenville, Oconee, Pickens, Spartanburg 4 Half Page (2/4-3/18) & Back 1 Full Page (4/8) El Informador Newspaper: Charleston, Berkeley, Dorchester P.O. 4600017619 4 Half Page (2/3-3/17) & 1 Full (3/31) Universal Latin News: Charleston, Berkeley, Dorchester, Horry, Conway 4 Half Page (2/5 - 3/19) 1 Full Page (4/2)

Hispanic Newspapers Latino Newspaper: Statewide 7 Half Page (2/11-3/25) 1 Full Page (4/1) La Isla Magazine: Beaufort 3 Full Page Ads (January-March)

Urban Radio Charleston: WMGL - Magic 107.3/WWWZ 93 FM What: 160 30 sec spots. Interviews on Morning show, Afternoon Drive & Another Perspective. Two Two-Hour Remotes Charleston: Star 99.7 What: 80 30 second ads. Columbia/Midlands: OnPoint with Cynthia Hardy - WWDM The Big DM What: 26 30 sec. Full show interview. Create event in Lower Richland. Greenville: WJMZ/ Hot 98.1 and WHZT-Jamz 107.3 What: 414 30 second ads. Interview on Pause on the Cause 4 Two-Hour Remotes & 30 live liners - 4 breaks

Urban Radio Myrtle Beach: WDAI/98.5 Kiss and WSEA/Power 100.3 What: 465 30 second ads. Sponsorship of Community Awareness Show Inclusion in 3rd Party Live Remotes NOTE: U.S. Census through its Detroit urban radio market contractor, is buying ads on urban radio stations in 31 markets. Columbia is the only market in SC in which US Census will buy spots directly on stations targeting AfricanAmericans. However, they will probably have spots on nationallysyndicated shows that are in other markets.

We are waiting to make Columbia radio buys pending U.S. Census finalizing its plans in this market.

Other Print Statewide: How We Live Magazine. What: Spring Edition - Full Page Color Ad & 2,000 Poster Insert E-zine & Website Ad Full Page Article Distribution to Beauty Salons & Barber Shops Statewide: SC Living Statewide, published by Electric Co-Ops What: Full Page Color Ad in March issue. Reaches 400,000 homes Columbia/Midlands: Midlands Live What: March Cover Story with full page phtoto & 4 Page Color Ad Insert. April - Full Page Color Ad

Other Sponsorship of Charleston Black Expo, March 13 What: Exhibitor booth space in the main lobby; Census information disseminated at entrance; Beneficiary message given from main stage throughout the day; Census information included on Expo “passport” or official program; Black Expo celebrity guest creating PSA; Banners hung at event St. Patrick’s Day Parade Columbia, March 13 (tentative) What: Mobile billboard truck to serve as “float” – giveaways to crowd.

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