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Sport Club Council 2/26/14

Marketing Presentation

Sport Club Assignments • Tyler


• Kendall


[email protected]

(785) 864-4519

Baseball, Bowling, Crew, Jiu Jitsu, Men’s Lacrosse, Women’s Lacrosse, Marksmanship, Quidditch, Sailing, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Men’s Ultimate, Women’s Ultimate, Waterski

• Mykala


[email protected]

– all clubs

(785) 864-4519

Badminton, Boxing, Cycling, DanceSport, Disc Golf, Fencing, Judo, Ki Aikido, Kumdo/Kendo, Racquetball, Rock Climbing, Men’s Rugby, Women’s Rugby, Running, Table Tennis, Tae Kwon Do, Women’s Volleyball

Contact Information  Tyler Spencer ◦ Sport Club Coordinator ◦ 206 ASRFC ◦ 864-0792 ◦ [email protected]

 Patti Anderson ◦ SOFAs Account Coordinator ◦ 20 Caruth-O’Leary ◦ 864-5942 ◦ [email protected]

 Mary Chappell ◦ Director – Recreation Services ◦ 103 ASRFC ◦ 864-0789

 Aaron Quisenberry ◦ SILC Coordinator ◦ 400 Kansas Union ◦ 864-4861

◦ Jill Urkoski ◦ Associate Director, Program Management ◦ 103E ASRFC ◦ 864-0798

 Rec Info Line ◦ Field Conditions Hotline ◦ 864-3456

Budget Requests • Consist of Supplemental Requests &/or Capital Improvement Requests • About once a month (refer to schedule in Handbook) the Executive Board will meet to hear Budget Requests • The deadline for any requests is the Friday before the next meeting • Eligibility: • New clubs can request funds to help with initial expenses • Clubs ineligible for restricted fee allocation can request funds but they will not exceed the amount they would have received if eligible, up to Executive Board discretion • Requests should be for one-time or reasonably unexpected purchases • Requests can be for travel if unexpected (regional/national tournament) and is not a yearly custom of the club • Form T (“Budget Request”)

Capital Improvement CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT Guidelines:

• Must submit proposal to Sport Club Executive Board (SCEB) by spring deadline (5/2/14) • Proposal will be voted on by SCEB and final approval will come from SC Coordinator • All/some/none of the proposal can be approved • Cannot be used for travel. Examples of items that can be purchased: jerseys, boat (partial), ergometer, blocking dummies, goals, etc.

• Each year based on $9000 and nine initial clubs ($1000 each possible). • If there is at least $1000 not used in a year, the next club on the list will be given an opportunity to submit a proposal. This will continue within a given year if another $1000 becomes available.

• Trades can be made spot for spot. Must be approved by both club presidents and Sport Club Coordinator. • Clubs can combine their allocation with another club for a larger purchase as long as both clubs fall within the same year.

• Clubs that would like to delay their purchase will be moved to the bottom of the list.

Eligible Clubs Eligible Clubs         

Quidditch Disc Golf Boxing Bowling Judo Rock Climbing Ki Aikido DanceSport Men’s Rugby

Wait List Clubs • Women’s Ultimate • Jiu Jitsu • Softball

Level 5 Clubs • Must have 8 members

• Must charge at least $5 per member (with a minimum GI of $40) • Restricted fee allocation is $75

• Requirements: • Must attend both Workshop Policy Meetings (Beginning of each semester) • Do not have to attend Sport Club Council Meetings • May not apply for Supplemental Requests • Not eligible for Capital Improvement • May travel 1 time per semester

• Necessary Paperwork: • Constitution, Officer’s List, Facility Agreement, Coaches Applications, SILC Registration, Facility Requests, Renewal of Recognition

SC Travel Policies

Please fill out in detail

Preferred Vendors • The following vendors have approached the Sport Club offices to offer their products. Some offer special discounts, some offer product longevity, some are simply reasonable prices on equipment/services clubs normally need, etc. Clubs have previously used most, but not all of these companies, please notify sport club staff of a good or bad experience with them so we can continue to recommend the companies that will benefit you most! • Remember, all sport club policies apply towards purchases (even with these vendors)!

Preferred Vendors – Preferred Vendors Apparel/Gear – Car Rental Francis Sporting Goods (Adidas Apparel) Patrick Woods 785-856-2189 *104 [email protected] GTM 1008 W. 23rd Lawrence, KS 66046 785-838-3000 Ultimate Athletics (UA) Mike Bergkamp 800-496-4339 [email protected]

Premier Auto Co. Ryan Blum 2332 Haskell Ave, Ste A Lawrence KS 66046 (785) 841-6200 office

Preferred Vendors Hotels Holiday Inn (for hosting in town) Katy McConnell 785-749-8920 [email protected] m

Business Hours: 8am-5:30pm M-F, 9am-1pm Sat

Motel 6 / Studio 6


(800) 654-3131 office

Only for out of state airport rental cars.

Corporate ID #: CP545316

Please book rental and then contact Tyler to make payment


Editable Appendices Online All appendices on the website are now electronically editable You can also access the appendices through the SC printer Website:

*** Please use a pdf editor OTHER THAN Adobe Preview AND DO NOT use Internet Explorer


SC Weight Room  

 

 

For all sport clubs, there is a Weight Room available for use in the basement of the ASRFC. If your club is interested in using the weight room, schedule a training session with the Personal Training Program Manager at [email protected] You can only use the weight room when your club has it scheduled Two people must be present whenever it is being used. Must have an Omni lock passcode to use All rules are in the handbook

Equipment Checkout Low profile cones w/ carrier Tall Cones Igloo 5 Gallon Cooler Field painting string 2 point and shoot digital cameras • Digital SLR Camera • Sony Handycam video camera • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

Tripods GPS Extension Cords Field Liners Tables and chairs Folding Canopy White and orange field paint 6 ft by 8 ft trailer

Submit an equipment request form

Coaching and Student IDs • Please submit a form to Tyler for Coaching IDs approval, once it is approved your coaches can come get IDs from the administrative office. • Don’t forget YOUR OWN Student ID (or set up your biometric scan) to get into the ASRFC every time you use the facility. Simply being a Sport Club member does NOT grant you entry to the ASRFC.

• Coaches will only be able to enter the ASRFC during your club’s practice times.

OMNI • Obtaining an OMNI Code: • Email Tyler regarding obtaining an OMNI code • Email him with a 4 digit code

• You will then receive confirmation and instructions

• These are personal codes not to be shared with people in your club • You are responsible for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in the Weight Room

Shenk • Remember that if you need anything for practice or games at Shenk please ask us first. • While out at Shenk the SC Supervisor on duty will be your point of contact.

• IMPORTANT: Shenk fields will be closed through the end of Spring Break!

Restricted Fee • Can be used for: • Travel • Tournament/Game official’s pay • Equipment costs • NOTE: This will be inventoried so this equipment MUST stay with the club! • Advertising (up to $175) • CLUB membership to associations or organizations • Guest Instructor • Workshop with Expert

• CANNOT be used for: Coaching services Social functions Insurance Personal items (Items you intend to take when you are finished) • Individual memberships to associations or organizations • Individual event registration for alumni, ASRFC faculty/staff or coaches • Food or Alcohol • • • •

Restricted Fee Allocation Levels Members

Generated Income

Allocation Range


50 +

$13,500 +

$10,000 - $20,000



$5,000 +

$3,500 - $7,000



$1,300 +

$1,000 - $3,000



$200 +

Match Generated (up to $500)

Allocation Hearing

Exec Board presentation

Clean out your mailboxes!!!

Upcoming Important Dates

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