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Sports Participation • In your books on a new page draw a 2d pyramid that covers the whole page. • Split the pyramid into 4 equal sections. Complete the pyramid by placing the following words in the correct section of the pyramid. FOUNDATION PERFORMANCE PARTICIPATION ELITE. In the same section explain what each section represents in the level of participation providing examples.

Sports Participation Pyramid Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games, World, European and Commonwealth championships and international competitions



Sports clubs and leisure centres people taking part in sport in their free time, such as extra curricular activities

Local and regional coaching and training, local and regional competitions, sports clubs and interclub leagues


PE and recreational sports. students at FOUNDATION school taking part in sport

Exam Questions • Explain the concept of the ‘sports participation pyramid’ (1 mark) • Name all four stages of the sports participation pyramid in order from bottom to top. (4 marks) • From the four you have chosen pick 2 and explain what level of participation this represents giving sporting examples (4 marks)

Opportunities to be involved in physical activities in a variety of roles

Learning objectives • By the end of the lesson you will be able to explain the opportunities available to become, or remain, involved in physical activity in a range of roles (including leadership, officiating, performer, coaching and volunteering) and the qualities needed to participate in physical activity in this way

Performance Pathway a club provides opportunities for selection for international representation a club provides opportunities to gain regional and local participation status a club provides training to compete and enter local and district events school develops skills by providing opportunities to join clubs and teams

school provides teaching of fundamental sports skills

• The nationally recognized awards help develop essential personal skills such as: confidence, motivation, communication and teamwork. The practical aspect of the awards can equip the candidate with lifelong skills of selfmanagement and leadership.

Volunteers For sports clubs to continue to run they need to be organized efficiently. The jobs associated with running a club are wide and varied. administratio n




Volunteer roles






Volunteers such as these are often vital to keep the club in existence. When a person takes on a job they can draw on their life skills to help with the role. For example, a banker or accounts clerk may well be comfortable taking on the role of club treasurer.


OFFICIALS • Youth Sport Trust funded training for young people aged 16 to 19 to officiate at sports such as athletics, badminton, table tennis, and disability sports. • The aim of this training was to give young people skills to help at local events and national events, such as the UK School Games. • Officials need comprehensive knowledge of their sport and have the ability to interpret and apply the rules accordingly. Quick and logical thinking can be called for and an authoritative, but not overbearing, manner can be necessary to deal with situations that arise.

Homework • Look on the website to find out about the organization’s core values and the different qualifications available and design an information leaflet to try and inform and encourage new recruits for the leadership pathway. • Look on the Internet and find the pathway a person needs to follow to become a football referee. Draw a flow diagram explaining this pathway


Part of Lord Coe’s bid for the London 2012 Games was the promise to inspire a generation to get involved in sport.

Topic 1.1.2: Influences on your healthy, active lifestyle

Identify agencies involved in the provisions of opportunities for becoming, or remaining, involved in physical activity, including:

• • •

Sport England Youth Sports Trust National Governing Bodies

Sport England strategy 2012-17 Sport England is focused on helping people and communities across the country

Create a sporting habit for life. The overall ambition is to increase the number of people who play sports regularly and reduce the number of young people who stop playing when they finish school.

Sport England will invest over £1 billion of National Lottery and Exchequer funding between 2012 and 2017 in organisations and projects that will: •Help more people have a sporting habit for life •Create more opportunities for young people to play sport •Nurture and develop talent •Provide the right facilities in the right places •Support local authorities and unlock local funding •Ensure real opportunities for communities We are accountable to Parliament through the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

We also have a role protecting sports provision and must be formally consulted on any English planning applications that affect playing fields.

Sport England goals for 2012-17 are: Go onto the Sport England website and find out what their goals are for 2012 - 2017 Write them on this slide

Creating a sporting habit for life - Sport England strategy 2012-17 4 main areas of work 1. National Governing Body 2013-17 funding

2. Facilities

3. Local investment 4

Young people (14-25 years old) will benefit from 60% of this investment.

Programmes will include helping young people move from school sport into club sport.

A whole sport plan National governing bodies of sport (NGBs) are at the heart of the strategy as it is their networks of community clubs, coaches and volunteers that make sport happen.

National Governing Body 2013-17 funding work with universities and colleges to create more sporting opportunities for students.

Deliver our three outcomes 1. grow 2. sustain 3. excel

Sport England will also help NGBs with their governance. Additional funding will be available to governing bodies that are successfully increasing participation

NGB’s (National Governing Bodies)

“The England Hockey Board (EHB), the National Governing Body for hockey, has been named Governing Body of the Year at the 2010 UK Coaching Awards.”

The EHB is the Governing Body of Hockey. Look at the website and see the activities and organization in place which will “grow, sustain and excel” the sport. (player, coach, leader, volunteer)

Facilities underpin our work.

Transforming the places where people play sport: • Iconic facilities • Inspired facilities • Protecting playing fields

Create the sporting opportunities and challenges for participation • Gold Challenge • Sportivate


We will build on the success of Places People Play

Will create new funding streams for mid-range facilities, facility improvements and new facilities.

Inspire people to make sport happen: • Sport Makers • Club Leaders

Disability legacy

Initiative that will bring the inspiration and magic of a home Olympic Games and Paralympic Games into the heart of local communities. Mass participation as a legacy from the games.

Follow this web link and explain what each of these initiatives are. • Iconic facilities • Inspired facilities • Protecting playing fields • Gold Challenge • Sportivate • Sport Makers • Club Leaders

It provides new opportunities for young people in disadvantaged areas.

Sport reaches into the heart of our communities

Funding for county sports partnerships. Door Step Clubs programme. (create sustainable clubs for young people in the most deprived areas).

Local investment

A new community sport activation fund

New resources to deliver sport in further education colleges

Funding for coaching, volunteering and disability.

Local investment What are these and how do they impact in local communities

Door Step Clubs

Community sport activation fund

County sports partnerships.

will motivate and inspire millions of young people across the chance to take part in competitive school sport.

There are four levels of competition school, local, regional, and national Revive culture of competitive sport

Build on magic of 2012

Delivered through partnerships Youth Sports Trust

Young Officials, Team Managers and Volunteers 450 School Games Organisers

Release PE Teacher 1 day a week in all secondary schools

Change for life clubs

working with the education sector to improve community access to schools, colleges and academy sports facilities with targeted funding to help make this happen

Primary and Secondary schools

County Sports Partnerships

Sponsored by Sainsbury’s

Designed to be inclusive, so young people of all abilities and skills can join in.

There are four levels of competition - school, local, regional, and national

Go onto the school games website and explain the 4 different levels of competition in the School Games on ppt page.

What are change 4 life sports clubs ?

Look at these two websites to see what change for life sports clubs are.

Explain on this page

SPORT ENGLAND PARTNERS • National Governing Bodies (NGB’s) • County sports partnerships that will support NGBs , foster local links and help young people make the move from playing sport in schools to enjoying it in the community once they leave.

• Local authorities that will support and work with through our advocacy tools and investment including a new community activation fund.

• Partners including the equality groups, StreetGames, the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust, the Youth Sport Trust and others that will add value and support the delivery of sport.


Is an independent charity devoted to changing Young peoples lives through sport (established in 1994) Its aim is to give: • Every child a sporting start (primary) • Ensure all young people have a sporting chance (inclusion) • Support all young people to achieve their sporting best (secondary)

The Youth Sports Trust drives improvements in PE and School Sport. It is continually looking for new ways to inspire young people to participate, compete, volunteer and officiate in sport

The Youth Sports Trust works with NGB’s to develop the quality and impact of their school sport offer.

Their programmes Look on the Youth Sports Trust website and list their programmes and what they do on this page.

What does the Dame Kelly Homes Legacy Trust do?

Look at this website. What does “street games” aim to achieve?

Our overall ambition is to increase the number of people who play sports regularly and reduce the number of young people who stop playing when they finish school.

Create a sporting habit for life.

Player, Coach, Official, Volunteer










9 LEA’s



13 12


Influences on taking part in sport


Socioeconomic Image

Influences on taking part

Resources Cultural Health and Well being


• Family • Peers • Role Models • Teachers


• Fashion • Media


• Disability • Age • Gender • Race


• Availability • Location • Access • Time

Health and Well being

• Illness • Health Problems


• Cost • Current situation • Position in society • Status

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