STAR BASKETBALL RECREATION Background to the Program

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Sports Medicine
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Background to the Program 

Is an organisation that was started in 2006 by young people in the Sudanese Community

In 2007 STAR Basketball developed its first basketball training program in Blacktown with the support of SydWest MSI, Blacktown Police, Blacktown PCYC and Blacktown Youth Services Association

Initial core funding is provided by SydWest MSI under the DIAC funded Youth Projects

Since its first training program in 2007 SBR has gone from strength to strength

South Stars, SBR Senior Team These are the senior team players and they are the one that coaching and mentoring the younger kids who are involved in the program. Some SOUTH STARS team members stoped participating in the basketball trainings and games due to other commitments (study and work) but they are still involved in supporting junior teams of SBR in coaching And mentoring them.

Aims and Objectives • To give young people in Blacktown the opportunity to develop a love of basketball • To develop sports and youth relationships among African young people and the wider community in Blacktown • To disengage young people from participating in anti social activities

• To provide opportunities to young people in engage in mainstream sporting activities • Leadership development including the managements are group of progressive, engaged and active youth looking to make a difference by getting involve in the academic and sport area.

Who is Participating in the Program? This program is designed to assist young people 12 – 24 yrs in Blacktown LGA who are unable to enter mainstream basketball competitions with over 50 participants. Many of these young people are from newly arrived refugee and migrant communities such as Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, DRC, Ghana, Iran, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Thailand and Pacific Islands.

The largest group in the program are young males from 14 – 18 years of age.

STAR Basketball Activities 1.

Weekly Basketball Training at Blacktown PCYC


Participating in Mainstream Local Leagues


Linking Participants to further training opportunities e.g.


Developing Community Galas and Competitions


Working with sporting, youth and other organisations

1. Weekly Basketball Training The program runs free training for young people at Blacktown PCYC on: Tuesdays Thursdays Saturdays  Coaches are Mayor Chagai and Andy Kenyi with the support of other community coaches when needed 

2. Participating in Mainstream Local Leagues 

There are currently 48 young people in the Mount Druitt League and 2 are in NSW Youth league representative.

Mainstream competition is important for the young people to not only develop their skills in Basketball but create teams work and a sense of belonging among the group

Young people in the program have developed stronger relationships with the teams in the local league over the years which promotes community harmony and respect. 

3. Developing Community Galas 

Organising community galas within the Sudanese Community


Regular Sydney vs Newcastle galas Canberra Gala Hosting the Annual Sudanese Australian Interstate tournament in 2009 and 20019 with over 250 young people from around Australia competing


Organising free galas for young people in Penrith and Mount Druitt 

Participating in other community galas

Working with sporting, youth and other organisations    

     

SydWest Multicultural Services Inc. Blacktown Police Blacktown Police Community and Youth Club Blacktown Youth Services Association Blacktown Storm Basketball Australia NSW Department of Attorney General Com4unity Youth Off The Street Midnight Basketball

Strategies to Success 

The time & commitment of the youth founders and coaches is central to the support of the project

Providing consistent and reliable programming for young people to develop trust

Flexible approach by services providers to respond to the needs of the program while encouraging community ownership and decision making 

Maintaining communication with parents through regular phone calls and parent information sessions  Support provided from many different people and organisations 

Linking training with information sessions to cater to young peoples needs

Developing youth leadership within the program through training and advocacy opportunities

Linking sport with education support Providing positive role models and mentor to young people, particularly those without an adult male role model in their life 

Challenges 

Developing trust among young people, many of whom are from refugee backgrounds and face multiple settlement challenges

Providing transportation in the program (this has particularly affect the girls program)

Securing ongoing funding for the project including local league participation costs, venue hire, equipment etc.

Catering to the growth of the program with limited resources

Time restrictions for coaches

Achievements 

 

Feedback from parents and local services (including the police) indicate a rapid improvement in young peoples behaviour Developing strong links with sporting associations Developing the African Youth Project with SydWest MSI through DIAC SGP Grants Receiving funding and support from Blacktown Workers Club, NSW Attorney-Generals, Community Relations Commission and NSW Sport and Recreation and Blacktown Advocate Providing recognition of the contributions of African young people through media in the Blacktown Advocate, SMH, Daily Telegraph and Penrith Press Developing relationships with mainstream sporting associations such as Basketball NSW, Basketball Australia etc

Contacts Mayor Chagai [email protected] Ph: 9621 6633 

Andy Kenyi [email protected] Ph: 9621 6633 

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