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The Christieara Programme (TCP)

Programme to stretch highperforming students    

Personal growth Critical thinking Global perspectives Social responsibility

The Christieara Programme (TCP) Core Programme

Year 1 Foundation

Year 2 Exploration

Year 3 Consolidation

Induction Ceremony

Christieara Summit

Hard Knocks Café

Personal Effectiveness  Free to participate in any Enrichment courses

Specialised Programmes

Enrichment courses

Critical Thinking & Social Awareness  Eminent Speaker Series  Current affairs  Pre-University Seminar  Poly Forum  YEP (IS module)  Mentorship

     •

Global Challenge  Overseas Merit Fellowship (IS module)  Asia Merit Award  Mentorship Future Ready  Careers in Public Service  Scholarship Application Clinic

Empowerment Camp Effective Learner Portfolio Development Impactful Communicator Career and University Preparation HabitudesTM

The Christieara Programme (TCP) Who is eligible for TCP? • SDAR will invite students to join TCP based on GPA at the end of Semesters 1 and 2 (top academic band –roughly 10-12%) • All scholarship holders are automatically part of TCP • Those not in top band can still apply.

When do I have to respond? • July – those who receive scholarships will be enrolled. • Oct – top band of students will be enrolled based on August exams. • Nov – Induction Programme (3 day/2 night)

The NP Youth Academy (NPYA) Mission • NP’s strategic intent to provide extra topup programmes for every student in NP to develop themselves in these areas:• Character • Leadership • Personal Effectiveness

• To equip students with life skills, build confidence and resilience For ALL students Voluntary. Fully subsidised. CCA points.

The NP Youth Academy (NPYA) NP Youth Academy Programmes Year 1 Self Discovery

Year 2 Broadening Horizons

Year 3 Real World Insights

Empowerment Camp

HabitudesTM Workshop (valuesbased leadership)

Inspiring Speakers Series (dialogues with inspiring speakers)

Core Programmes

Learning Journeys


• •

Learning journeys to social enterprises, innovative organisations, public agencies and other organisations Social Leadership Challenge NEW

Effective Learner Workshop Personal Branding & Portfolio Development Workshop Impactful Communicator Workshop Career & University Preparation Workshop ZEST UP! (Student Services care & wellness programmes)* Academic Schools’ & Lib’s enrichment offerings*

The NP Youth Academy (NPYA)

Student Development LSCT

Student’s personal development journey guided by LSCT advisors

Student Development LSCT



Year 1


ALPS Year 2

Year 3



Branding Me

Resume Writing


Study skills

Coursespecific skills

Interview skills

e.g. Customer-service (Pharm, VBS) Tree-climbing (LDH)

Student Development LSCT


Work in progress – publicity at the end of this semester Participants will have a chance to network with successful alumni Personal mentor to chart their career path and prepare for scholarships/ Interviews/uni applications. Portfolio building and chance to take part in many meetings with professionals Priority to take part in Overseas trips including LSCT Overseas Merit Fellowship

Student Development LSCT – Overseas Trips LSCT Overseas Trips Sep-Oct 2014 Overseas Immersion Programmes VBS and CBE

Feb-Mar 2015

LSCT GLs’ Leadership camp [LSCT Society]

Overseas Immersion Programmes MBIO, BMS, Pharm, LDH Nature Adventure TripsMalaysia [Mr Hamdan] Comm Service Trip [Ms Wu Siew See]

VBS study trip to Malaysia [Dr Sara Zaman]

EWT study trip to China [Ms Mariam Matthew]

MBIO/VBS aquaculture study trip to Vietnam [Dr Nevill]

BMS-CLT trip to Malaysia [Dr Koh Tse Yuen]

Student Development LSCT – Overseas Trips LSCT Overseas Trips •Every NP student should have a chance for a subsidised overseas trip (however please read the fine print) • Generally, 50% for shorter trips to Malaysia/Indonesia • Generally, means tested for trips >$500 – so if you are well-off, you may be not be subsidised at all. How to sign up? Read your school e-mails and check the notice boards around the lifts for instructions. Note: Not all the trips are open to first year students.

Student Development LSCT – CCA Points

3 pieces of advice •Make use of this opportunity to enrich your student life by joining clubs and groups in LSCT and NP. •Take part in activities because you like them not because you need to accumulate points. •Do not spread yourself too thin by joining too many clubs. if you really want to strategise…

Student Development LSCT – CCA Points Year 1 – participate in many but towards 2nd semester choose one club to specialise in (club membership only 2 P points) Year 2 – try to e.g. get into exco or organise events (L points) join YEP, community service (S points) represent NP in event (R points – a bit more difficult) Year 3 – handover to year 2’s, spend a bit more time on studies Spread out work because points are given for one role per event e.g. if you are MC, usher, stage crew for an event – still only credited for one role.

Points are given for responsibility held or degree of representation. Points are not given for number of hours spent in preparation or work (except for community service).

Student Development LSCT – Student Groups Societies and interest groups within LSCT • • • • • • •

LSCT Society – Dr Koh Tse Yuen, Mr Imran Green Volunteers – Mr Eng Boon Hwee Community Service Interest Group – Ms Wu Siew See Hort Club – Mr Saiful SOAR – Dr Sara Zaman LSCT Ops – Dr Low Pey Yng Aquaculture Group – Dr Timothy Tan

Recruitment should start soon or already started. If you have any special talents like music, writing and videography you cannot find a suitable avenue for them, please approach me or your advisor.

Student Development LSCT Getting the message across.. Because we don’t have assembly every week…. Please check….. • • • • • •

Notice Boards on level 4, level 5 and next to the lifts Your NP mail – especially if it comes from me – like these slides Mel – NP Global (for trips) – The LSCT student portal – for all student events, jobs etc. Ask your Advisor

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