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Reception – Under Marketing Management

Student Services consists of the following support areas Student Services Office/International Office Additional Learning Support Careers and HE Centre Work Placement Office Student Centre and Student Union Counselling Health and First Aid Enrichment & Sports Tutorial Services Chaplaincy

Director of Student Services - Jon Samson (Jess Wilson, maternity leave) Role:

To ensure that all students at Brooklands College receive the highest standard of support and pastoral care in order to achieve success in their academic goals

Oversee all Areas of Student Services Management of:  Resources  Quality  Budgets  Staffing  Communication

Cross-College Policies  Child Protection & Vulnerable Adult Policy and Procedures  Safeguarding  Student Disciplinary Policy and Procedures

Marketing and Reception Manager - Michelle Hollywood Reception and Switchboard staff Jackie Drawwater, Theresa Tek, Mary Moore Patricia Bonner, Pauline Merriman, Pauline Jones, Marie Harmer

Responsibilities  Visitors  Switchboard & Fax  Post – Internal/External Incoming and outgoing  Security & Emergency Reporting & Procedures  Customer, Student & Staff queries and enquiries

Senior Administrator - Tracey Atkins Student Services Administrators Sharon Bosch, Karina Christoforidis, Geraldine Biffen, Karen Blaxall-Webb

Discretionary Learner Support Fund – Application based, Means tested

EMA/ALG Applications available

Information on Financial schemes available

Information on Travel costs/options/schemes available

Student and Staff Identity Card processing

Lost Property

ALS Manager: Jaswant Nagra Linda Thomas, Penny Choyce, Priya Lewis, Sessional Lecturers and Learning Support Assistants Martina Barnett,Jennie Bourne, Fiona Scott and Learning Support Assistants The Service offers support with: • Assignment work • Dyslexia/Dyspraxia • Hearing/Visual/Physical Impairment using specialist services Support is offered in these ways: • 1:1 or small group support with assignments • 1:1 in-class support • Support with form filling and CV writing • Modification of assignments or course material • Examination concessions are catered for

Careers & HE Centre, Locke King Building Weybridge by appointment with Reception at the Ashford campus Progression and Guidance Manager: Liz Lawrence Careers Advisors: Jacky Smith, Jennie Anderson, Rosie Jones UCAS Administrator: Jill Wilson  

Advice & Guidance Help with UCAS (University) and Student Finance applications

Help with CV’s and job applications

Help with interviews – ‘Mock interviews’ by appointment

Reference materials: books, prospectuses and online information “Next Step” Careers advice for adults

     

Lucy Evans –

Student Support & Involvement Manager Jo Lane – Enrichment Co-ordinator Karen Griffiths –Pastoral Tutorial Co-ordinator Rob Young – Student Involvement Officer Ricky Zalman – Student Involvement Officer Tony Wood – FESCO (Sports Coordinator)

Course Representatives Scheme  Student Union Officers  Student Council Meetings  Learner Voice Week  Student Governors  Student Question Time 

To get involved see Lucy in LO22 or Ricky and Rob at the Student Centres

Ricky Zalman and Robert Young 

Pool, games machines and informal meeting place

Social events

NUS Cards

Charity fundraising and volunteering

Course representative training sessions

Students Union Leadership Team and Student Elections

Jo Lane Tony Wood 

Sports activities and teams

A wide variety of Activities from Street Dance to Sign Language!

Contact Point – Enrichment Office LO22

Penny Dinning – College Counsellor - Lead Safeguarding Officer

Appointments can be made in the Student Services Office or Penny Dinning directly

Short-term Counselling

Bereavement Counselling

Safeguarding reporting

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy standards apply

Rev Brian Prothero

Interdenominational approach  Prayer room 

Karen Griffiths: 

Themed events each half term – Be Healthy Day, Volunteering Week etc.

Talks from visiting external speakers

Parents evenings

Who is responsible for the following?  

Reports Absence Reporting and Follow up Target Setting and Action Planning

Dawn Knowles & Sally Bradbury Debbie Nicholls 

Co-ordinate all work experience across College

Advice and Guidance on finding placements

All placements checked for relevance and Health and Safety

Maintain part time/full time student job boards

Carry out C.R.B applications for students

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