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SugarCRM Review for JETAA Database By Alex Svetlovsky

Functionality Overview Contact Management  Contact self-registration  Customisable contact fields  Export to Excel  E-mail campaigns  Extensible and easily interconnected to other websites 

Proposed Organisation JETAA Database Other Database (Salesforce, MailChimp, Excel, Etc)

JETAA Chapter (Joomla)

JETAA Chapter (WordPress)

JETAA Chapter (Other)

Other Approved Entity (CLAIR, AJET, etc)

Proposed Organisation A central SugarCRM server deployed to store all JET Alumni contacts.  JETAA Chapter websites connect to server using existing or custom plugins.  Other entities could access central server on a limited and as-needed basis (ex: CLAIR, AJET, Chapters without web database) 

Acquiring Contacts Contacts currently stored in Joomla, WordPress, MailChimp or SalesForce databases can remain there, syncing automatically or manually.  Contacts currently stored in Excel or other spreadsheets could be manually uploaded. 

Acquiring Contacts 

AJET and outgoing JETs could manually add contacts to central database before they leave.

Using Contacts Reports outlining new additions/transfers/updated information can automatically be shared with interested parties.  CLAIR could get access membership lists generated centrally, reducing workload for individual chapters. 

Using Contacts 

National/International direct JETAA communication with membership, no matter which chapter they may have moved to.

Benefits of SugarCRM Open source license allows customisation.  JETAA-hosted allows complete control.  Other than (possibly existing) web hosting fees, no additional fees for world-wide usage necessary. 

Benefits of SugarCRM Extensible using SOAP, which would allow plugins for any sort of syncing to be created.  Can be hosted in a country with strict privacy laws, protecting contact data.  Completely controlled by JETAA, with not other parties having access to data. 

Drawbacks of SugarCRM Requires a continually running and paid-for webhost.  Potentially high start-up investment in terms of time, development of plugins. 

Conclusions 

Given the ability to integrate with existing websites and databases, the flexibility, control and lack of any licensing fees I strongly believe that SugarCRM would be the ideal choice for an international JETAA Database.

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