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• Provides students with a meaningful business issue challenge • Provide clients with access to high quality project development/analysis and source of new talent

Jayhawk Consulting Programs 

Programs consists of: 

Business Consulting Class team approach (during academic year): 

In-class text learning/discussions (25%)  Students learn effective consulting process, structuring and executing project engagements Relevant case study analysis (25%)  Students study and analyze successful and failed consulting projects case histories In-field consulting project development (50%)  Students confront real business challenges, conduct real time analysis, determine sales/profit implications of alternative strategies and deliver fully rationalized recommendations

Jayhawk Consulting On-Demand: 

Anytime service to address virtually any growth inhibiting challenges by select MBA teams

Client Commitment  

Provide meaningful and significant project assignment. Provide students with ready access to resources required for successful project completion (data, personnel). Provide periodic touch-base sessions with Faculty Advisor to assess project progress. No Cost: Voluntary contribution of self determined amount to Jayhawk Student Consulting (at the School of Business) endowment fund.

Jayhawk Consulting: Typical Assignments Industry Analyses

Market Sizing, Competitive Analyses

Business Feasibility Studies

Resources Required for Successful Entry

Business Plan Development

Roadmap for creation, entry, growth

Management Consulting

Market Research

 

Primary Customer Research, Modeling

Marketing strategies

 

Positioning, Pricing, Product Development

Sales strategies

 

Distribution Channels, Promotions

Operation Analyses

 

Cost Containment, Productivity Programs

Financial Strategies

 

Capital Acquisition

Recent Social Entrepreneurship Consulting Clients/Projects 

City of Lawrence 

Palco, KS and Scott County: Wellness Center Design and Development (together w/ KU School of Architecture) 

Identified three economically independent alternative land uses to lessen water consumption and yield superior profits

KS Parks and Recreation 

Prepared feasibility studies for new industry, business opportunities for 50 counties of western KS

Ogallala Aquifer Depletion Study 

Develop business plan for rail to truck transportation hub

Western KS Rural Economic Development 

Conduct research determine need, facility features for health/recreation center

Harvey County (Wichita) Intermodal Facility 

Identify opportunities for economic development/expansion via cluster analysis, similar market modeling and void identification in bioscience

Provided economic analysis of value of Kansas’ green space

RedTire, LLC new venture 

Developing sustainable new business providing management succession to avoid shuttering of rural businesses

Recent Business Consulting Clients/Projects 

Applebee’s: 


Portfolio management approach to maximizing SBUs’ assets

Supply chain analysis to enhance operational efficiencies of world’s largest online auction house

Ionz Blue Water Systems 

Market validation for wastewater technology startup venture

Business model dynamics: radical change in channel of distribution from veterinary clinics to discount retailers

Durrie Eye Vision 

Comprehensive marketing planning

Innovative research methodology to determine barriers to card sales to millennial generation

Bayer Animal Health 

Expand channel of distribution via entry into internet banking

Hallmark 

3 Spoons Yogurt 

Identify long term business investment and expansion strategies

Douglas County Bank

Manion’s International 

Develop licensing strategy to provide branded merchandize

Allen Press 

Marketing plan for new client acquisition in selected industries

Embarg 

Reposition Lance Armstrong relationship to maximize 401(k) sales

Payless Shoe Source 

New market identification, product line expansion

Digital Evolution Group 

New office site evaluation modeling

American Century 

Leverage core competencies into new markets

HiPer Technology 

Long term business assessment; exit strategy

NIC, Inc

MarketSphere Consulting 

New client acquisition strategy

CD Tradepost: 

Competitive encroachment; defensive marketing plan

Process improvement: increased throughput with no diminution of customer satisfaction

Westar Energy 

Customer research to support SmartStar energy metering launch

Jayhawk Consulting can help you: 

Expand existing businesses  

Accelerate growth from new business   

Supply chain improvements New marketing strategies to drive incremental sales, profits New channels of distribution, improved sales strategies New product development New category analyses Merger/acquisition financial assessments

Increase productivity/reduce costs  

Process improvement studies Financial statement analysis to:  

Energize and leverage assets Find true cost of operations, identify improvement alternatives

Jayhawk Consulting Client Benefits 

Guaranteed results: best and brightest KU business students working on your business improvement plans Immediate impact: 12 weeks from start to full plan presentation No cost commitment

Consulting Project Criteria 

Must provide significant learning opportunity for students Must provide substantial sales/profit benefit to client company Should encourage new job creation in region

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Call/write: Wally Meyer; 785-864-7583; [email protected]

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