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January 13, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Math, Statistics And Probability
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Mathematics Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses

South West Partnership • • • • •

Cornwall SCITT Learning Institute University College Plymouth St Mark & St John University of Exeter University of Plymouth

The SKE Team UCP Marjon • Nicola Trubridge Programme Lead • Marie Forster Programme Administrator • Chris Carmichael, Matthew Yates, Paul Wilson, Andrina Inglis Cornwall SCITT (Truro Satellite) • Debbie Osborne Plymouth University (Exeter Satellite) • Ted Graham, Brian Watson

Mathematics Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses Extended Enhancement Course (EEC) 20th September 2010 – 8th July 2011 (18 units)

Mathematics Enhancement Course (MEC) 4th January – 15th July 2011 (14 units)

Mathematics Enrichment Course (ERIC) 26th April – 15th July 2011 (6 units)

Mathematics 1 unit SKE 18th– 29th July 2011 (1 unit)

Extended Enhancement Course (EEC) Autumn Term • Geometrical Reasoning 1 • Number and Calculations • Data Handling • Probability • Equations, formulae, identities and expressions • Proportional Reasoning

Spring Term • Sequences, functions and graphs • Thinking Mathematically • Geometrical Reasoning 2 • Conceptual Development • Advanced Functions • Calculus 1

Summer Term • Advanced Statistics • Calculus 2 • Mechanics • Dynamics • Mathematical Modelling • Polynomials / Complex Numbers

Mathematics Enhancement Course (MEC) Spring Term Summer Term • Data Handling • Conceptual Development • Proportional Reasoning • Thinking Mathematically • Probability • Advanced Statistics • Number and Calculations • Calculus 2 • Sequences, functions • Mechanics and graphs • Dynamics • Geometrical Reasoning 2 • Mathematical Modelling • Advanced Functions • Polynomials / Complex • Calculus 1 Numbers

Mathematics Enrichment Course (ERIC) Summer Term • Conceptual Development • Thinking Mathematically • Advanced Statistics • Calculus 2 • Mechanics • Dynamics • Mathematical Modelling • Polynomials / Complex Numbers

What can I expect from the University College? • SKE courses are funded TDA programmes designed to meet the needs of aspiring secondary mathematics teachers. • The purpose of this programme is to enable its participants to be in a position to satisfy the subject knowledge requirements as set out in the Professional Standards Q14. • The course characterises this as a Profound Understanding of Fundamental Mathematics. • We monitor your progress in this direction and provide you with regular feedback channelled through your personal tutor with whom you will have an individual tutorial once or twice each term where progress will be discussed using your audit and assessment feedback.

Developing a Profound Understanding of Fundamental Mathematics Depth of Understanding Range of Skills Extent of Knowledge Engaging in mathematics

Data Handling




Probability & Statistics


Mechanics & Dynamics


Complex Numbers

What is expected of me? • The TDA provide all participants (EEC, MEC and ERIC) with a training bursary to facilitate their studying on the Enhancement course. • You must attend all taught sessions and participate fully in the learning and assessment process. • You are required to adhere to assessment deadlines, to know where to access all relevant material, to respect University College property/staff/students, keep appointments and maintain your audit.

Teaching EEC • 3 days per week taught sessions (10am – 4pm) • 2 days per week independent study

MEC and ERIC • 4 days per week taught sessions (10am – 4pm) • 1 day per week independent study

Field Trips Lydford Gorge

Bodmin Moor

Where? Autumn term • UCP Marjon, Spring and Summer terms • 2 days per week at satellite centre (Exeter, Truro) • Examinations at UCP Marjon

Assessment • • • • •

Examinations Reports Assignments Presentations Making resources

Profound Understanding of Fundamental Mathematics

Resources Graphical Calculators


Online Support

Library Computers & mathematics software

Learning Space

Application Process • Apply for a PGCE place stating in your application that you would be willing to study on an enhancement course first. • When you have a PGCE place apply for a place on the appropriate SKE course • Contact [email protected] for application forms

Contacts Nicola Trubridge (Programme Leader for MSKE) [email protected] Marie Forster (SKE Administrator) [email protected]

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