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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Immunology
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The Opportunity © 2009 NuVerus LLC

Opportunity Without Borders The NuVerus Purpose To help people discover and develop their unique path and talents to empower themselves

to turn their dreams into reality

SuperFood for the World

Opportunity Without Borders NuVerus Mission NuVerus is providing a prosperous business opportunity that includes: superior science based products, industry mentoring leadership, a global vision to take advantage of an emerging market, and an excellent

affordable turnkey opportunity with virtually unlimited earning potentials.

SuperFood for the World

MICHAEL JAREOU - FOUNDER & CEO The driving force behind NuVerus

Prime example of Today’s New Breed of Entrepreneurs


 

Founder ‘Digital Security Network’ & Sold to a Wall Street Billion Dollar Company

Founder ‘As Seen on TV’ Infomercial Retail Outlets Founder ‘Physicians Wellness Group’ - First program of it’s kind to change Physician Practices to Wellness & Prevention Award Winning - Holds the world record for the Highest Personal Volume (Two Millions Dollars) Developed revolutionary systems to help people around the World to achieve their Goals.

‘Mr. Jareou sees opportunity where others see anarchy’ Chicago Tribune

MICHAEL JAREOU Founder & CEO ‘Michael Jareou is an incredibly successful entrepreneur and self-made man! Many of us could learn so much from you and your work ethic. World Physique Magazine USA and Worldwide Media recognition for his Passion, Success, Leadership and Heart Touching Story. Featured in CNN,NBC, Fox News, Fortune Magazine, Dallas Morning News, LA Times, Chicago Tribune , New York Times, and many others. He was Selected to the Illinois Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame

”If you help enough people achieve their goal, you will achieve your own goals” Michael Jareou

MEDICAL ADVISORY BOARD Bridging the gap between Traditional Healthcare and the Wellness Industry.

SuperFood for the World

MEDICAL ADVISORY BOARD A premier group of highly selected forward thinking and World Renowned Physicians and Professors who understand the importance and need for Preventative Medicine, Anti-Aging, and Total Wellness. Latest research and resources from top Academic Institutions and Organizations from around the World.

SuperFood for the World

Dr. Mike DeBord Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O.) of NuVerus

Diplomat American Sports Physicians  Top World Nutrition Expert  Specialist in Anti-Aging Research  International & National Lecturer & Trainer 

Dr. Drew Georgeson Vice President of Product Research & Development

American College of Surgeons  World Renowned Top Surgeon  Pioneered Surgery Techniques  Featured - National and International Media  USA World Cup FIFA Team Doctor  Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine  World Renowned Expert in Antioxidants  World Renowned Expert in Cellular Nutrition 

Dr. Julian Bailes Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board • World Renowned Top Neurosurgeon • Chairman of the Department of the Neurological Surgery at University of Chicago • Former Team physician for the Pittsburgh Steelers • Doctor to USA National Football League Players’ Association • World Renowned Nutrition Expert

Dr. Satya Ahuja Medical Advisory Board Member

 

Specialist in Nephrology. Medical Director of South Shore Hospital in Chicago.

Past President of the American Association of Indian Physicians. World Renowned Health & Nutrition Expert

Dr. Kathleen Nichols Medical Advisory Board Member

Dr. Nichols is a Graduate of the University of Washington Magna Cum Laude, 1986.  Served for a time as Professor at the University of California at San Diego School of Medicine.  Past president of the Arizona Society of Anesthesiologists.  National media spokeswoman for the American Society of Anesthesiologists.  A Board Certified Anesthesiologist with a sub-specialty in Cosmetic Medicine. 


NuVerus Products Ancient SuperFoods

Science Based Breakthrough Physician Formulated Clinically Proven Formulas

Latest research and resources from top academic institutions and organizations from around the world.

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science Black Seed

What our ancestors knew about and other SuperFoods, has been passed down generation to generation.

Modern Science continues to UNLOCK the secrets of these amazing Super Food & Herbs.

Highest Quality Manufacturing

NuVerus Plus  

   

USDA Organic 20 SuperFoods & Super Juices Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Minerals Protects against Free Radicals Highest ORAC value in the Industry Highest CAP-e results in the Industry

An amazing blend of Black Seed and Organic SuperFoods From around the World!

Black Seed Nigella Sativa

Nature’s Powerful Immune System Boost Known around the World Restorative and Medicinal Qualities Studied by the Scientific Community ‘Blessed Seed’ Anti-inflammatory & Analgesic Anti-Viral & Anti-Microbial Anti-Neoplastic

SuperFoods Aloe Vera

Blue Berry


Goji Berry

Curcumin Turmeric

Acai Berry Black Currant Noni

Green Tea Pomegranate Mangosteen

ORAC Testing ORAC Score: 278,000 ~ 9000 units of antioxidants per ounce 10,000 is needed daily for optimal health 20,000 is needed daily to restore health

Food vs 2 oz. Plus Watermelon – 150 units Banana – 300 units Egg Plant – 300 units Boiled Carrots – 325 units Raw Tomato – 400 units Sweet Corn Ear – 480 units Glass Green Tea – 500 units Can of Vegetable Juice – 550 units Celery – 550 units Raw Orange Juice – 750 units Raw Pineapple – 800 units Green Grapes – 1000 units Raw Spinach – 1500 units Steamed Broccoli – 1600 units Raw Pear – 1750 units Raw Peach – 1800 units Raw Apple - 2000 units Steamed Asparagus – 2000 units Can of Prune Juice – 2000 Units

Total 18,000

CAP-e Cell Life Extension Testing CAP-e Score: 48 Cell-Life Extension Score

NuVerus Plus - Highest Score ever tested


NuVerus Economy 6 Steps to Success • • • • • •

Use the Products Share Results & Sample Share the Opportunity to Earn Money Share the Preferred Customer Share the Retail Customer Duplicate

Enjoy, Share & Prosper

Your NuVerus Economy ENJOY for your personal health SHARE NuVerus Products PROSPER through duplication

Enjoy, Share & Prosper 14

Your Business Associate Membership 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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Fast Start Packages • Basic Pack 10% Direct Commissions 10% Binary Commissions • Business Pack 15% Direct Commissions 15% Binary Commissions • Professional Pack 20% Direct Commissions 20 % Binary Commissions (DOUBLE COMMISSIONS LEVEL) * Package Prices Vary by Country

Benefits of Prosperity Plan          

Direct Referral Bonus up to 20% Dual Team Commissions up to 20% Dual Team Commissions up to $120,000 Unilevel Bonus up to 7 levels Luxury Car Bonus up $3000 USD / m Ultimate in Luxury Rewards Global Income Opportunity Weekly Commissions Automated Reporting International MasterCard Pay System

Dual Team Commissions Earn up to $35,000 / week Activates with only 1 Sponsored

Cash & Luxury Bonuses

Opportunity Without Borders

Stockist Opportunity • • • • • •

Innovative & Unique Highest Paying Program State of the Art Technology Lucrative Profit System Ability to Earn Immediate Income Ability to Earn Residual Income

Opportunity without Borders

Your Own NuVerus MasterCard

Opportunity without Borders

Why NuVerus Award Winning Executive Team Debt Free Company USA & World Wide Top Ranking Company Fast Growing Global Presence Innovative SuperFood Products Scientific Breakthrough Doctor Formulas Organic Manufacturing Proven Successful Leadership World Renowned Medical Advisory Board Generous Compensation Plan 

SuperFood for the World Opportunity without Borders

The Opportunity © 2009 NuVerus LLC

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