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When Downtime Is Not An Option

Forrester: More and More Systems Are Considered Critical

Source: Forrester Research, Inc. 2

Critical Workloads… Are You Prepared For Downtime?

Business Critical Workloads

High Density Virtualization


• SAP applications, databases, transactional workloads, and more • Or the workloads that may impact a large of users

• Popular technology that improves server utilization • Downtime of the guests and hosts impacts your IT services

Downtime is More Than Just Lost Revenue


Schedul ed Downti me


Planned Downtime

What is/causes planned downtime? –

Scheduled software patching and updates that require system reboot

Scheduled hardware maintenance

Data migration

What can IT do to mitigate it? –

Schedule service window to minimize business impact (getting harder in globalization and mobile era)

Optimize the process

Unplanned Downtime •


What is/causes unplanned downtime: –

It’s a surprise – no/little warning

Hardware failure, software bug, malicious attack or operational mistake

An environmental failure such as natural disaster

What can IT do to mitigate it? –

Reliable systems, HA/Geo clustering, proactive patch management

Improve process by best practices and training

Unplanned Downtime: Top Causes

Source: Forrester Research, Inc. 7

How Can SUSE Help?

How To Choose The Right Technologies?


Three Steps For Customers To Go Towards Zero Downtime:

3. Minimize Human Mistakes

1. Prevent Hardware Downtime 10

2. Maximize Service Availability

Step 1: Prevent Hardware Downtime


Choose the right platform to fit your IT needs.

By working with hardware partners, SUSE is bringing reliability to the next level. Hardware Architecuture

Hardware Benefits

SUSE value-add

IBM System z

• 99.999% availability

• Specially designed tools and technologies • HA/Geo included


• Cost-effective • Widely accepted for mission-critical workloads

• Cooperate with hardware to fully exploit RAS

Step 2: Maximize Service Availability •


SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension –

Industry-leading open source HA clustering solution

Set up clusters among physical hosts or virtual guests

Easy-to-use set-up and management tools

Resource agents for third-party apps like SAP

Metro and Geo Clustering –

Combat regional disasters such as power outage or flood

Ensure business continuity by metro clustering (up to 25km) or geo clustering (any distance in the world)

Step 2: Maximize Service Availability •


SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching (codenamed “kGraft”) –

Live-kernel patching without reboot

Apply urgent security patches before next service window, reducing the need for planned downtime

Unique advantages –

It integrates smoothly into existing package and patch management solutions, as it uses the Enterprise Linux RPM package standard

While patching, there is no need to hold the Linux kernel for a short time, as is necessary in other technologies

Step 3: Minimize Human Mistakes •

System rollback –

Built on copy-on-write btrfs and efficient Snapper tool

Now capable of full-system rollback, including kernel files

Minimizes risks of operational mistakes

YaST and autoYaST –


The most efficient single-system management framework, consistent UI

SUSE Manager –

Open source one-to-many system management

Reduce errors by proactive and automated patching

Complete life-cycle management, compliance and security frameworks

More on SUSE Services •

Customizable Premium Services –

Consulting and training –


Premium Service engineer: supplements your current support, helps lighten your IT staff's workload, tailors our service to meet the unique requirements of your business

Technical know-how and best practices

Success Stories

Baldor Read Full Case Study

Baldor Electric is a global manufacturing company with headquarters in Arkansas, USA. It has 26 plants in the US, Canada, Mexico and China, selling industrial electric products to more than 70 countries. Baldor couldn’t ensure 24x7 availability to provide quality service to customers and employees and eliminate the risk of business disruption. At the time, outages occurred five-to-eight times a year, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

• By moving workloads to virtual machines on IBM System z running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z, Baldor Electric Company reduced IT costs from two percent of sales to less than one percent—while improving response time, up-time and productivity. • “The platform goes beyond five 9s,” says Eric Breuer, Manager, Large Systems, Baldor. And the new environment results in considerable time savings for planned downtime.

30% lower hardware and software costs. 90% consolidation of servers (resulting in lower space, cooling and power costs). 90% improvement in up-time (reducing disaster recovery losses). “We believe SUSE has the best Linux distribution with the best support. The platform goes beyond “five 9s,” and the new environment results in considerable time savings for planned downtime.” Eric Breuer, Manager Large Systems Baldor


Ciclum Farma Read Full Case Study

• Leading pharmaceutical company in Portugal. • Maintain profit margin by tight control using SAP ERP applications, which require a reliable and high-performance platform. • Protect critical workloads against the risk of downtime and increase the overall service availability. • Tight rein on operational costs.

• SUSE Linux Enterprise Server that is fully validated and certified by SAP. • KVM virtualization technology that's provided by SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to preserve existing system architecture while using more efficient physical infrastructure. • SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension to ensure virtualized SAP environment.

Reduced IT operating costs by 50 percent through virtualization. Provided a flexible, reliable platform for supporting core business services. “In the nine months since implementing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, we have been able to maintain 100 percent uptime for our SAP ERP applications.” António Damas IT Manager Ciclum Farma


The Burton Corporation Read Full Case Study

Global snowboarding manufacturer; company operates 24/7.

Company requires the flexibility to react quickly to changes in the marketplace.

IT department needs to provide consistent uptime; problematic in the past. Previous HP-UX platform required expensive and timeconsuming administration. UNIX upgrade was costprohibitive.

• SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP is certified by SAP. • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server can run mission-critical systems reliably. • Migrated all mission-critical systems to Dell hardware running SUSE Linux Enterprise.

• SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is extremely scalable.

Reduced overall server-related costs by 80 percent, compared to previous proprietary solution.

Achieved 99.999 percent uptime. Reduced power consumption by 30 percent. “Since moving to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, our up-time has been insane. “We have some servers that have gone two years before being rebooted.” York Senior Linux administrator Burton


Three Steps For Customers To Take Towards Zero Downtime

3. Minimize Human Mistakes

1. Prevent Hardware Downtime 20

2. Maximize Service Availability

Three Steps For Customers To Take Towards Zero Downtime

3. Minimize Human Mistakes

IBM System z INTEL 64 21

2. Maximize Service Availability

Three Steps For Customers To Take Towards Zero Downtime

3. Minimize Human Mistakes


IBM System z

High Availability


Live Patching

Three Steps For Customers To Take Towards Zero Downtime YaST System Rollback SUSE Manager


IBM System z

High Availability


Live Patching

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