Sybil Ludington`s MIDNIGHT RIDE VOCABULARY route way or path

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Anthropology, Mythology
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Sybil Ludington’s

MIDNIGHT RIDE VOCABULARY route trot urged reins

way or path movement faster than a walk and slower than a run pushed onward straps a rider uses to guide an animal

Vocabulary  route




It was the first farmhouse on her route. She slowed star to a trot and banged on the door with her stick. Then she urged Star on, back into the dark woods. Her fingers felt stiff on the reins.

Inferring How do you think Sybil feels as she rides through the rain at night? Step 1 – Think about how you would feel riding alone in the rain at night.

I think Sybil feels cold, wet, lonely, and afraid because she is all alone in the dark and it is raining.

Review Base Words The part of the word that can stand alone.  Many words are created from base words. 

comfort - baseword comfortable uncomfortable comforting quickly jumped unsafe listener thinking darkness usually

Inflected Endings –ed, -ing -ed shows an action that happened in the past  -ing shows an action that is happening in the present  When the base word ends with e, drop the e before adding –ed or –ing.  When a base word ends with a vowel and a consonant double the final consonant. clap shine drop come pin stop ride 

Syllabication Breaking words into syllables will help you pronounce new words  Every syllable has one vowel sound  Words with VCCV divide between the two consonants  Compound words divide between the two words stingray bonnet basket raindrop insect rooftop invent insect 

Sequence of Event (137E)  

A story happens in a certain order or sequence Words and phrases such as first, after that, a little later, and the next day help show the sequence of events. The pharse at dawn helps me know that Mulan said goodbye to her family early in the morning. The word then shows that the next thing she did was ride off with the soldiers. By nightfall is a phrase that helps me know an entire day has passed. At sunrise and at dusk help me know that the next day also was spent traveling.

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