Talent Management in Nursing - Health Education East Midlands

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications
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Talent Management in Nursing East Midlands LETB Nursing and Midwifery Workforce Summit October 2013 Sue Haines Assistant Director of Nursing Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (DHSci Part time Fifth Year University of Nottingham (Supervisors Stephen Timmons & Hannah Noke) Twitter: @suehaines1 [email protected]

Personal Motivation “The ward sister has told me I am too clever to be a nurse and that I should consider medicine”

Generation Y…… • the Millennials.

the Millennials.

Age of Nursing Students Recruited to the Nottingham Centre 70.0%



40.0% 21 and over Under 21




0.0% 2011

49.5% under 21 years old


65.5% under 21 years old

‘recognizing the strategic importance of human capital’ (Michaels, Handfield Jones and Axelrod, 2001)

Nursing & Midwifery must attract, develop and retain high potential and high performing individuals with the right values and behaviours

Systematic Search of Literature – Key Strands Human Capital Management

NHS Management

Talent Management

National Policy (Department of Health)

Business Management & Consultancy

Talent Management • Describes a strategic approach to a complex range of processes aimed at ensuring appropriately skilled people are in key positions to optimise the performance of an organisation • Internationally - lack of empirical research and no agreed definition or approach • ‘the right staff, with the right skills in the right place’ (Cummings and Bennett 2012, p 18).

Adapted From The Talent Management Loop (Tansley et al, 2007) Define Talent

Evaluating Talent

Managing Talent

Attract Talent

Develop Talent

Continuum of TM Approaches Inclusive Model Open to all

Exclusive Model Selective

Staff engagement and participation

‘Top talent pool’ selected by Management / Board

Shared Governance

Individuals selected based on recommendation, performance

Individuals can self nominate

(organisational culture)

4000 nursing posts Specialities? Wards? Units? Educator? Manager? Researcher? Practitioner?

Newly qualified Staff Nurse

NHS Nursing Career Framework (DH,2011) Key Career Pathways •Clinical •Management •Education


‘Supporting these individuals who can make a positive difference to organisational performance and drive improvements in patient care.’ ‘Talent Management is all about nurturing our future and being the custodians of our NHS’ ‘Maximising Potential’ • http://www.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/discover/talentmanagement-approaches/

Exploratory Case Study Large Acute NHS Trust Data Collection - Qualitative • Knowledge constructed within a social context • 1:1 Interviews: Executive Board Members (3) • Focus groups: Core clinical nursing roles (57) • Validation exercise - Themes (300 Staff Nurses)

Research Findings • What are your views? • Do you agree? Disagree? Is something missing? • What examples of good practice to share? Twitter @suehaines1 [email protected]

Talent Development - The 6 Cs

How can we ensure we attract, develop and retain N&M talent in the East Midlands? Twitter : @suehaines1

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