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Sex Offender Registration

Janet Spradlin Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registration Bureau

Topics Chapter 62 Texas Code of Criminal Procedure & New Laws from the 2013 Legislation Session

Sex Offender Registration Program Phone Numbers 

SOR main assistance line (Public Inquiries) – (512) 424-2800

E-mail address – [email protected]

Secured website link –

Intelligence and Counterterrorism Division (ICT) – (512) 424-2200 (Compliance and enforcement related issues)

CODIS DNA Program – (512) 424-2790 (Combined DNA Index Program) Collection kits

Driver License / Identification Card Issues (Revocation / Issuance) - (512) 424-2600

Texas started registering Sex Offenders in


As of March, 2014

80,532 reported active registered sex offenders

Chapter 62 Texas Code of Criminal Procedure



CR-35/OS/IS verification


Department of Public Safety


Secure/Public Websites

National Sex Offender Public Website

Registering with a Texas Conviction or Adjudication *Including Deferred Adjudications and Adjudications of Delinquent Conduct*

Who is required to register? Anyone who has been convicted or adjudicated on or after

September 1st 1970 for a reportable sex offense has a duty to register either:

Post 10 Years




Out of State, County, Federal, Military or Tribal convictions convictions w/substantially similar elements.

Board/Court Ordered 

Board/Court Ordered offenders are offenders who are required to register as a condition of supervision, not for a reportable sex offense. Their duty to register ends when they are discharged from supervision.

Verification Requirements (How Often)

30 Day – Civilly committed as a sexually violent predator (3 days)

90 Day – Two or more convictions or deferred

adjudications for a sexually violent offense (7 days) 

Annual – All other sex offenders, board/court ordered and juveniles (30 days before/after birthday)

Information Required         

 

Physical addresses primary and supplemental E-mail addresses Online identifiers DL/ID numbers Telephone numbers Vehicles Occupational License and Licensing number Employment information Institution of Higher Education (worker/volunteer or student) Name of nearest relative Photo

When offenders are required to report changes Change of address: * 7 days prior in person. * Check in with new agency in person within 7 days of move.  All other reportable changes, the offender has up to 7 days to report the changes to their verifying agency in person. 

Risk Levels Any offender released from a Texas penal institution or placed on supervision on or after January 1st 2000 and is required to register as a sex offender will be assigned a risk level.

Risk Levels 

Civil Commitment (299) – 24 hour monitoring and

committed for outpatient treatment. 

High (Level 3) (6,830) – poses a serious danger

Moderate (Level 2) (30,583) – poses a moderate danger

Low (Level 1) (19,286) – poses a low danger

Not reported - (20,182)

Unknown – (1,857)

Driver License or Identification 

The offender must have been under some type of Texas supervision or released from a penal institution on or after September 1st 2000 for their reportable conviction or adjudication of sex offense.

Includes out of state, country, federal, military, and tribal offenders whose offense is determined to be substantially similar to a Texas offense. Board/Court ordered, extra-jurisdictional are exempt.

New Laws

House Bill 2825 (Amends CCP 62.0045) A Central SOR Authority in a County: The requirement of the 100,000 population has been removed.

Senate Bill 369 An addition to CCP 62.005 (b) (2)

Makes Employer Information Non-Public  Name  Address  Telephone


House Bill 424 Addition of Chapter 325 Health and Safety Code Requires the Director of group homes to provide notice to the residents of the home or their legal guardians when a sex offender moves in.

House Bill 1302 Addition to CCP 42.015(b), 62.054(a)(1), and 62.063

Prohibited Employment

May not - for compensation: 

Operate or offer to operate a bus Provide or offer to provide a passenger taxicab or limousine transportation service Provide or offer to provide any type of service in the residence of another person unless the provision of service will be supervised; or Operate or offer to operate any amusement ride

CR-32PE Prohibited Employment Notification Form

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