Television Sports Commentary

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Sports Medicine
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Television Sports Commentary

What is the difference between: • Newspaper sports reports? • Radio sports commentary? • Television sports commentary?

Watch this clip of archive footage of a Gloucester rugby match with commentary (Play Clip 8.5b). From this clip what would you say are the features for a T.V. commentary?

Task • You are going to watch another clip that has the commentary missing. • Watch carefully and note down any key actions as you will be writing the commentary that goes with it. • Use the player sheet to help you with names. • You will have the chance to watch the clip more than once.

Watch this clip of archive footage of a Gloucester rugby match without commentary (Play either Clip 8.5c or Clip 8.5d).

Commentator’s Voice • What features does the voice of a commentator have to have? • Now practise reading your commentary in a clear and engaging voice. You can work with a partner.

Plenary • Let’s hear some examples in sync with the video clip. • Others should comment on what they liked about the commentary and/or what could be improved.

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