The 1900-09 Decade

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The 1900-09 Decade 4/5th Grade Social Studies Mary M. Silgals, MLIS

SCETV Streamline Video  What is strange about the photo on this movie clip?

America at the Turn of the Century  In 1900 horses were the main means of transportation in towns; cars were a curiosity  Less than 150 miles of paved road; no trucks or buses  John Philip Sousa Music – “the Music of America”  First motion picture – The Great Train Robbery

1900 – Turn of the Century  Stars and Stripes Forever  Car parade in 1900

Turn of the Century - 1900  Eiffel Tower in Paris; tallest building in the world

President William McKinley 1897-1901  “Prosperity” was the re-election pledge by President William McKinley “Four more years of the full dinner pail.” 1.htm

 Philippines War – Guerillas fighting for independence; Not supported by many Americans  Republicans nominated Theodore Roosevelt for running mate

Imperialism  New territories: Guam, Hawaii, Philippines, Puerto Rico mages/map_04.gif

 Democratic candidate was William Jennings Bryan – He criticized “Imperialism”, the burning issue

“Friendship and Understanding between the Americas”  Pan American Exhibit in Buffalo, NY

“Friendship and Understanding between the Americas” 

One of the advances in medical science on display at the PanAmerican Exposition was the infant incubator. For ten cents admission, the curious could enter this imposing building and see premature infants who were cared for here during the exposition.

“Friendship and Understanding between the Americas”  Latest developments in Agriculture, Forestry, and Transportation

Pan-American Exhibition  Sept 5, 1901 President’s Day m/law/mckinley.html

President McKinley was shot at a public reception dying a week later  Leon Czolgosz Pronounced Cholgosh

President Theodore Roosevelt 1901-1909  42 – youngest President  Vigorous outdoorsman  Organizer of the Rough Riders

 Fought trusts against big businesses; oil and railroads  More popular with the people than with politicians

Turn of the Century Conflicts  Miners go on strike  President threatened use of federal troops for the first time  People thought he could handle the fights between big business owners and the workers

Foreign Policy  “Speak Softly and Carry A Big Stick”  Supported the navy  Doubled in size –  “Join the Navy and See the World”

Panama Canal  Controversy over the taking of land for building the canal 

How We Lived Most people still lived on small farms Tractors revolution the way people lived Railroad lines still did not reach all areas Logging camps – Rivers were the means of transportation  Prospectors  American West – Indians on reservations    

 Cattle ranching, rodeos and traveling west shows  Buffalo Bill with Annie Oakley and Sitting Bull


Logging Camps 

http://www.rootsweb. v/gallery/Loggers.htm

Children at the turn of the century  Description: Child Laborers in Indiana Glass Works, Midnight, Indiana. 1908. Photographer, Lewis W. Hine

Children at the turn of the century  Description: Child Laborer, Newberry, S.C. 1908. The overseer said apologetically, "She just happened in." She was working steadily . photographer, Lewis W. Hine

Rural School  Fred Hultstrand History in Pictures Collection, NDIRS-NDSU, Fargo.

Farming Equipment  1908 Geiser Model "ZZ" Steam Engine 

F.A. Pazandak Photograph Collection, NDIRSNDSU, Fargo.

Rodeos – Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull 

Wish Books – Sears and Montgomery Ward Catalogs  Used in School to teach reading and arithmetic  Buy anything from birth to death  All merchandise guaranteed and paid by cash  Free delivery  Mail men were delivering billions of pieces of mail

Sears and Roebuck Catalog  Montgomery Ward was the competition  1900: Records $8.7 million in sales, but falls behind Sears & Roebuck, which generates $10 million.

Population Distribution  Description: Percent of population in Cities having at least 2500 inhabitants, 1903.

Change in the Cities    

New York City center of high society “The 400” – Mrs. Aster’s ballroom Wealthy wintered in Florida William Flagler built resort hotels

Separate but Equal  Jim Crow laws being passed  Generations to reverse  Booker T. Walker “Up From Slavery”  George Carver  Tuskegee Institute – vocational school for blacks  Hopeful signs for some black people

Ellis Island  Promised Land  Terrifying ordeal – process of entry  Questions often immigrants did not understand  Many settled in Manhattan – 1/3rd immigrants  Many languages from many countries

Problems in the cities    

   

Streets not paved with gold Crowded city streets Hard working conditions Earthquakes (San Francisco 1906) Fires (Baltimore 1902) Broken Gas Lines Broken Electrical Wires Army – pack mule relief when disasters

John Muir  National Parks doubled

President William Taft 1909-1913  Nominated by Roosevelt  A Conservative  1909 Roosevelt in Africa to hunt  Progressives were pleased with Taft's election. "Roosevelt has cut enough hay," they said; "Taft is the man to put it into the barn."

Entertainment  Thomas Alva Edison    

Electricity Lightbulb Record Player Motion Picture Projector

First movie 9 minutes – The Great Train Robbery – Edwin S. Porter first film editor

The Great Train Robbery  "The Great Train Robbery" (1903)  In 1903, an employee of Thomas Edison's motion picture company produced a movie with a story. It was called "The Great Train Robbery." It told a simple story of a group of western criminals who steal money from a train. The movie was extremely popular. "The Great TrainRobbery" started the huge motion picture industry. ndex.html

Science and Technology  Steel was the builder of the future      

Cars, skyscrapers, bridges 20-30-40 stories Flat Iron Building People catcher on trolleys Huge steel suspension bridges New York Subway first sectioned opened in 1904 – 1 hour trip reduced to 10 minutes

New York Subway Car

Steel Suspension Bridge

Flat Iron Building


Technology  Panama Canal  Trip Atlantic to Pacific Ocean 8,000 miles shorter

 1907 Glenn Curtis motorcycle rider fastest man on earth  1909 – Army bought its first plane from the Wright brothers.

First Airplane – Wright Brothers  Wilbur and Orville Wright  Made of bicycle parts  Flight lasted 12.5 minutes

Lifestyles  Photograph albums – Brownie Kodak for $1.00  Electric trolleys replacing horses and carts  1900=8,000 cars  Car builders: Chrysler, Buick & Ford  End of decade=200,000 cars  Lives easier for children  Movies, cars, subways, skyscrapers, and airplanes  basketball, marbles

Basketball  1891 the sport of basketball was born. Began popularity in 1900s  Dr. James Naismith, Inventor of Basketball

Marbles  Playing Marbles

The End!  Check to see if you have all of your guided worksheet complete before turning it in.

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