The 8 Major Parts of a Diesel Generator Explained

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Oil filters are an integral part of a Genset that help in ensuring that the Genset keeps

HVAC systems

functioning in its prime conditions as they sift any impurities in the oil and prevent them
from causing harm to the different parts of a generator. They work by blocking dust, dirt
and other particles that could potentially degrade and depreciate the parts of the engine. If
the oil filter is not functioning properly, this would mean that the chances of particles
making it to critical components of the engine like the fuel injector and the fuel pump the
consequences of which could be very damaging. You can read more about different
engine parts and generators online to get a better understanding of how one part is related
to the other and how all these parts come together to function in tandem and work
efficiently and effortlessly. Let us go through and understand it.
The different types of oil filters
Primary oil filters-
The primary oil filter this is the checkpoint between the oil pump and the main
lubrication channel. The function of this filter, like any other, is to prevent impurities
from running into the system over and over, causing greater damage to the different parts
over time. An engine is a machine that has a lot of fast-moving metal parts which require
a lot of lubricating oil in order to work without heating up due to friction. As these parts
wear down, small metal bits fall into the oil lubricating, the elements which have to be
removed as they can potentially wear down the parts faster. This filter is made using
synthetic fibre filter paper, and this is always fitted with a bypass oil filter to avoid the
starvation of engine parts if the filter becomes too clogged to filter the oil through.
Bypass oil filter

 Bypass oil filtration is an integral part of the oil filter whose primary function is to
work as a bypass in case the oil filter becomes too clogged with foreign material,
or the oil becomes too thick to pass through the filter. This is necessary to ensure
that the engine does not starve of oil or lubrication which would end up causing a
lot of damage to the engine. As without lubrication, the moving parts would
generate excessive heat which could result in causing fire if it reaches the oil
supply or the engine could ultimately come to a halt if such conditions arise.
 When the oil filter becomes too clogged, the oil bypasses the filter through a
centre tube and reach parts that require the oil for the functioning of the engine.

Fuel filter
A filter that can be found on all internal combustion engines, it functions to screen out
dust and rust particles from the fuel. It is necessary because if there are even small
particles that enter the system, they cause unnecessary wear and tear on the various parts
wreaking havoc in the system that result in lower efficiency as well as damaged parts that
need replacement. While you will be able to get a fuel filter for a couple of hundred
dollars max (this is the cost for an industrial-sized Genset) if you have to replace the parts

you might end up spending a lot of money that you could have otherwise put to better
use. So, it is better for you to get a fuel filter and maintain it if you want your engine to
be functioning in prime condition especially in cases of emergencies as you would be
relying on the generator at such times.
You can’t fit one in place of the other
There is a specific oil filter for every made by every manufacturer as well as the different
purposes a filter is used for, and you cannot fit one oil filter in the engine of some other
generator. Similar to as you would not fit an air filter where there is a fuel filter required.
Doing so would result in mismatched parts that would only mean harm to the engine. An
oil filter generally lasts about five-hundred hours, after this, you should have it replaced
with one that’s made for the particular generator that you have, this has to be the
paramount responsibility of the person changing the oil filter. The best way to get an oil
filter for your generator is to go to the dealership you bought the generator from or
contact the manufacturer to get the specifics and the locations it might be available at.
The basic function of an Oil filter
It is a means that ensures a clean supply of oil to all the different components of a Genset.
As oil circulates in the different parts of the Genset, it collects residue and particulate
matter that should not be in the oil. The filter prevents these maters from going back into
the engine as it works as a semi-permeable membrane that only allows selected material
to pass through while keeping away the others ensuring that only clean oil runs back in
the circle.
The benefits of maintaining an Oil filter

 The longevity of the engine is ensured as it lowers the chances of depreciation of
parts in the engine by foreign particles.
 It helps in achieving optimum performance as there are no unwanted materials
that could potentially hamper the performance of a generator.
 An efficiently running engine means the emissions reduce drastically as the
engine is working in prime condition. Lower emissions also mean more
efficiency, which translated to better results and energy-efficient performance.
 You will end up saving a lot of money if the parts function efficiently both in
terms of not having to replace parts and having to spend less on fuel and oil.

While getting genset is a massive decision, it also is irreversible. Ensure that you are aware of all
the parts of the machine you’re investing in. Also, once you make up your mind about
purchasing, there is no point going back and re-thinking. You need a Genset, just purchase the
one that suits you best!
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