The Black Hand

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, World History
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The Assassination

In 1911, we see the development of the terrorist group “the Black Hand”.  Their aim is to unite all the Slav people into a single country to be called “Yugoslavia”. 

Over 2,500 members

The Black Hand were going into Bosnia to cause trouble. Try and start a rebellion that would spread to the entire Austrian Empire. The Austrians are not happy about this and suspected the Serbian Government were helping them.

The Austrians announce that the heir to the thrown, Archduke Franz Ferdinand will make a visit to Bosnia’s capital Sarajevo on the 28th of June 1914.  BIG MISTAKE!!!!! 

 

The terrorist group train 3 Bosnian students living in Serbia how to use bombs and guns. Gavrilo Princip (19) was the leader. The students make slipped back into Bosnia 4 weeks before the Archduke’s visit.

The Archduke and his wife (Sophie) arrive in Sarajevo. They climb into the back seat of an open-topped car.  On the way to city hall they were attacked. (Bomb)  The Archduke manage to deflect the bomb and it hit the car behind them. 

On the way back to the train station his driver takes a wrong turn. Princip (Black Hand) happened to be on the street.  Princip fires 2 shots. One bullet hit Ferdinand in the throat, and the other hit Sophie (wife) in the stomach. 

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