The Chic Fashionista Style Personalities

January 20, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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 Romantic Clothing Personality/fashion persona conveys your adoration for everything soft and pretty.  You value femininity and may be a hopeless romantic. Ruffles, lace, pleats, those are just a few of the whimsy, feminine details that tend to catch your attention when you're in a store. You like to wear soft colors and often choose fabrics like chiffon and silk that drape graciously on your body. You might also wear dark colors such as burgundy red or black but wear them sparingly (ie. a dress in this color) to convey an alluring appeal.

Classic 

 A Classic clothing personality/fashion persona is a sign of grace and tasteful style.  You dress conservatively than other fashionistas and your wardrobe consists of a lot of neutrals such as black, gray, navy blue and beige. Clean, straight lines dominate your closet. You also favor garments with soft draping as well as tops, jackets and dresses with a nipped waist.  You prefer to keep your outfit simple, timeless and business-like. A tendency to match your clothes (ie. a handbag in a color that is similar your shoes) is in your nature. You're not into loud, faddish trends.

Dramatic   Dramatic Clothing Personality/fashion persona often intimidates and intrigues. You can appear sensual and seductive; or sophisticated but striking.  You're confident and like to show some authority in the way you dress.  There are 2 general Dramatic styles of this fashion persona, which are: (1) Confident & Sophisticated  and (2) Glamorous & Alluring (overlaps with Trendy)  Both personalities are different in some aspects but they share a look that appears bold and demanding. You may favor making a strong fashion statement by either accentuating your sensuality (Glamorous & Alluring); or your strikingly sophisticated persona (Confident & Sophisticated).

Trendy 

 A Trendy Clothing Personality/fashion persona means that you like to wear all kinds of trends - often all at the same time and you manage to look good! Your style is up-to-date without the constraints of traditional fashion.  This fashion persona covers a variety of sub-categories (or you could call it "mixes"), mainly because women who have this as their dominant clothing personality tend to have scattered closet choices. I would say that a Trendy fashion persona is mainly divided by these general 3 fashion looks:  (1) Sassy (overlaps with Dramatic and Romantic - girly, alluring and a bit matchy-matchy with a touch of drama)  (2) Urban (inspired by urban culture mixed with sporty-casual details)  (3) Eclectic (think street style which is fashion worn by people for people. Overlaps with Creative)

Natural   With your Natural Clothing Personality/fashion persona, you are the easy-going girl next door who prefers comfortable and easy-to-maintain clothes.  You stray away from fussy fashion. You like wearing your hair tousled. Your clothes are softly tailored, loose with a bit of structure. Layering is often used, not necessarily out of practicality but because you favor the easy and effortless casual look.

Creative   A Creative Clothing Personality/fashion persona radiates your laidback and independent character.  Your style showcases creativity and your preference to unconventional fashion. The way you dress appear bold and innovative.  For you, fashion is about how you feel and what you like, which can create "clashes" in your outfits. But in this case, this is often overshadowed by your confidence :-) You like to combine different styles in one, and often use unusual prints and color combinations (ie. high impact combos such as electric blue with hot pink). You love creating a strong fashion statement.

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