The Compromise of 1850

January 13, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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The Cause 1. The U.S. had acquired vast territory—result of war with Mexico--Should slavery be allowed? (Wilmot Proviso) 2. California—gold rush 1849— had petitioned for statehood— slave/free balance disrupted

3. Dispute in TX-claimed territory to Santa Fe 4. Washington, D.C.—Not only allowed slavery— largest slave market in North America

The Compromise of 1850 1. TX land dispute-give up disputed land-get $10 million to pay debt to Mexico.

2. Territories of NM & UT would be organized by popular sovereignty. 3. Slave trade in Washington, D.C. ended--slavery still legal

4. California admitted as Free State-disrupts balance 5. Fugitive Slave Act passed to pacify slavestate politicians

The Fugitive Slave Law •Required citizens to assist in recovery •Denied fugitive a right to a jury trial-special commissioners paid $5released & $10 if returned

•Increased # of federal officials to enforce act

•Estimated 20,000 blacks move to Canada •Underground RR becomes more active

Slavery now in the national spotlight

How long will the Union stay together?

The case of Anthony Burns

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