The Dark Ages (1100-800 B.C) The Dark Ages were known as the

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The Dark Ages (1100-800 ) B.C

The Dark Ages were known as the Dark Age of Greece. During this period of time the Dark Age throughout their area showed signs of a sharp cultural decline. This age pottery was not so expensive, which meant that burials had to be made without elegant ornaments. The inexpensive pottery and building construction came to a sudden stop due to a cultural decline that was not quite a cultural break. Even though pottery was not so expensive it revived and development came up with a name called Geometric style. People of this age survived by using farming, weaving and other technological skills. General poverty of this time had reduced everyone in the public to roughly the same economic level. Until the last century of the period was there any general knowledge of writing with intellectual accomplishments that stretched no farther then development of folk songs, ballads, and short epics sung and exaggerated by nothing as they migrated. A great standard cycle of poems and poets but the most important were the Iliad and the Odyssey because they provide the most models and customs. The Dark Age had kings that could not make or enforce laws neither administer justice and also he received no payment or reward of any kind, but he had to prepare his farm for a living just like any other citizen. The king only task were military and religious which was to command army in time of a war and offer sacrifices to keep the gods on good side of the community . Sources:

The Dark Ages (1100-800 ) B.C

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