The Dawes Act 1887

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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The Dawes Act 1887 Kerry Hamill, Cassidy Lorenz, Connor Bradshaw

Who is Involved? • Several white Americans were involved in this act being passed. • These Americans thought that the government was treating the Native Americans unfairly. • Some well known people who were involved were… – Helen Hunt Jackson – Sarah Winnemucca

What caused this event to occur? • This act passed because white Americans thought that the government was treating the Native Americans unfairly • They noted all of the broken promises that the government had made toward Native Americans

When/Where • This event occurred in 1887

• All over the country but specifically in the Native American reservations.

Effects • • • •

Gave each family a separate plot of land Sent children to boarding schools Taught adults to learn how to farm Did little to help Native Americans

Why Did It Fail? • The Dawes Act failed because the land that was given to each family was too small • Also the most land was not agriculturally fit for farming. • The few Native Americans that did want to farm lacked the tools and money • They were not used to the agricultural way of life

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