The Death of Pentheus

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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The Death of Pentheus

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Depth Overlapping of the figures and use of fainter lines and colours for the background figures gives a strong sense of depth to the scene. This depth is also highly structured, with the woman holding the rock above Pentheus’ head forming the apex of a triangle, at the centre of which is Pentheus himself, and the strong horizontal line made by the arms of Pentheus and the two women forming a barrier or fence that separates this foreground action from the figures behind

Background There is nothing to distract attention from the human participants in this drama. The landscape elements are minimal – rocks in the foreground and a hazy, ill-defined hillside behind. Again the Greek influence is apparent – it is the human action that is important, not the scenery.

Heracles Room redecorated in Fourth Style. Central panels of three walls contain mythological paintings are framed on their sides by ilusionistic windows, presenting views of architectural structures beyond the wall. A dominant background colour, yellow, unifies the separate panels Unifying theme – Pentheus King of Thebes, Dirke, wife of Lykos, a later king of Thebes and Heracles born at Thebes Theme of victory in Hercles contrasted with theme of punishment in other stories

Punishment of Dirke

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